Anzacs Surfing

Anzacs Surfing


Anzacs is a great place to surf with fun waves, a plethora of activities, inviting accommodation and friendly locals. It is indeed magical to ride the waves here. In fact, calling it surfing places’ spiritual centre won’t be an exaggeration!

It is very easy to reach Anzacs, as it is on the way to Woolmai and not as crowded, at least during weekdays. Weekends here are definitely not for peace lovers as sometimes you don’t even get parking for your car. It is best to catch a taxi if you wish to spend weekends here.   


Anzacs Surfing Attributes

Anzacs Beach is just a day’s trip from Melbourne East, Australia. One needs to follow the same route as that for Woolamai Beach to reach Anzacs. The waves and breaks at Anzacs are only for an experienced and trained surfer. However, if you are visiting Anzacs on one of the smaller surfing break days, you can even try and learn the art of surfing. The swells are big during winter and even the winds are good; making it ideal for surfing. Ensure to check the local Island weather conditions before you head out.

Anzacs surfing enables you to ride regional classic waves. The waves here are quite consistent, 150 days a year. These beach break type waves move from right to left and are fast yet hollow and powerless. These short waves measuring 50 m on a normal day and 50 to 150 m on a good day are fun to explore. Mid-tide is the best tide position here, while rising tide is the best tide movement. The swell starts at less than 1m (3ft) and holds up to more than 3m (10ft) and is mostly directed towards West, South-West, South and South-East. The wind blows towards North, North-West, East and North-East, making it a worthwhile surfing experience. There are always risks of rips, rocks, sharks and undertow attached to surfing at Anzacs.

It is best to visit Anzacs during weekdays if you want the beach to yourself. The locals are nice and friendly and make the atmosphere pleasurable. In short, a great spot for surfing that can produce amazing hollow waves and excellent barrels!


Don’t Forget:

•    To carry your body board, long board, short board and surfing gear.
•    The best time to visit remains winter season.
•    It is the place for experienced surfers.
•    There are rips, rocks and sharks around.
•    It’s a great spot to surf, but gets very crowded at weekends, just as Woolamai.
•    People are nice here, but too much botheration can turn them nasty!


Anzacs Preview:

•    Regional Classic Waves
•    Only for experienced surfers
•    Very consistent waves (150 day/ year)
•    Beach break waves from right to left
•    Powerless yet fast and fun filled waves
•    Sandy bottom with rocks
•    Short wave of 50m length
•    On a good day wave length measures 50m to150m
•    Standard Paddle Access
•    Good swell direction towards West, South West, South, South East
•    Good wind direction to North, North West, East, North East
•    Swell starts at Less than 1m and holds up to 3m+
•    Crowded at weekends
•    Should be visited during winter months
•    Beware of rips, rocks and sharks


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