Berrys Beach Surfing
Berry's Beach Surfing Phillip Island

Berrys Beach Surfing


Unbelievable is the word! First look at Berry’s Beach and one is left spell bounded by its wave quality. Would calling it an exotic surfing beach be too much? One has to be there and experience it to understand what it can really mean to surfing enthusiasts!

Situated on Philip Island, it is a day’s trip and a perfect weekend outing for people who love great swells and secluded and tranquil beaches to hang out. It is indeed unbelievable that there is such a wonderful surf spot, merely fifteen minutes walk past the race track.

Thrill, well yes! But more than that is the simplicity and tranquillity of this place that will leave you craving for more.


Berry’s Beach Surfing Attributes

Expect exceptional quality regional classic waves that make surfing experience unsurpassed. There is a break in frequency at times, but the waves are reef rocky and towards the right direction; that is just so ideal!

The waves are powerful, extended and fast. There are boulders at the bottom, so surfers are advised to be careful. The normal length wave here is 50m- 150m and if your stars are high in the sky, you may end up going on a good day when the wave length is as high as 150- 300m. The good wind blows in the North and North West direction while good swell is in the South/South West direction. One experiences only high and often rising tides here, exceptional for surfing die-hard fans. The swell starts at 1.5m- 2m and holds up to 8ft.

If you like to socialise and enjoy being to a place that is loud and surrounded with various faces, Berry’s Beach is just not for you! It is unruffled surroundings whose one of the high points is that it has only few surfers. It is away from the clatter and clamour of the city and even too much of civilization. Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, one doesn’t find many surfers here. The only noise that you will hear here would be of strong and powerful tides that promise good vibes.


Don’t Forget:
•    To check weather conditions at the beach and the nature of waves and tides. It is always advisable not to hit the beach on a bad weather day.
•    To take your own surfing equipment. There is no provision for hiring or buying on the beach. Once there, you are on your own.
•    To take a picnic hamper. All one would get here would be local flavours and that too are quite limited owing to its isolation. More a wider spread, one would have to head into town.
•    To take precautions against urchins, rocks, undertow and rips. Like any other surfing beach, Berry’s too has its own threats. The most dangerous of all are sharks and that is why it is sensible not to go deep while riding the waves.


•    Regional Classic Wave
•    Towards Right direction
•    Powerful and strong
•    Normal Length 50m-150m
•    Good Day Length 150m-300m
•    Swell Direction towards South/ South West
•    Rising and high tide only
•    Swell starts at 1.5m- 2m and holds up to 8ft


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  1. Ymie Capach 2015-04-13 13:09:06
    Beaches are good for intermediate and the reef is shallow sharp and for experienced surfers only

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