Businesses on Phillip Island

Businesses on Phillip Island


Philip Island is a place that brings together outstanding facilities and natural beauty giving you an experience that is absolutely stunning. Having rugged coastlines, amazing views and scattered with abundant wildlife, this place is ideal not just for vacationing but for business travellers too. Phillip Island has come to be known for its famous little penguins, but is just as well known for its outstanding MICE facilities that offer corporate groups new and unique experiences with some of the finest technology coupled with unforgettable views.


Range of Businesses on Phillip Island

Most of Phillip Island is dedicated to nature and providing world class ecotourism experiences. This scenic place has a spectacular coastline lavish with sandy beaches and oceanic view. There’s no shortage of cosy cafés, upscale restaurants, good accommodation, and there is always plenty to do here.


Not only does the place boast of numerous things to do like wildlife viewing, motorsports, shopping, tours and scenic flights, visits to spas, camps, farm stays and so on, but it also has a wide range of business services to offer.  Whether it be in the realm of banking, building and trade, community and education, media or international trade – the range of businesses here are just numerous. Some of the more common ones include:



These are just some of the businesses that are available on the stunningly beautiful Island.


Businesses Being Listed On Cowes Website

Since we are constantly trying to help our businesses grow and most of the businesses here have managed to achieve quite a lot, you can find the business you need right here. Just check out our comprehensive listing that is categorised to make the search user-friendly.


We take immense pride in showcasing the magnificence of Phillip Island and what it has to offer.

As businesses grow, we wish to list them on this website. We intend to have all businesses listed within the site as it will help them local businesses grow through more exposure. Also, it gives consumers a single platform to search for any Phillip Island business instead of performing multiple searches.


Phillip Island is not just known for its iconic beaches, wildlife and motor sports, it also is teeming with a wide range of different businesses that are in the process of growing even bigger. By supporting these local businesses, you will help contribute to the economy of the local community and this, in turn, would spur the Island’s economy. The revenues generated can be used to preserve the natural heritage of the Island and also offer the local community a stable income.


Come visit Phillip Island to partake in its natural beauty and revel in its heritage. By doing so, you’ll be doing your bit to support Phillip Island businesses in a unique manner.


By Brett Watson


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