Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island

Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island


Located at the south-eastern part of Phillip Island, Cape Woolamai is the highest point on this mesmerising Island. With its ancient pink granite forming the perfect backdrop to the waves hitting the shores, Cape Woolamai has an ethereal ambience that one has to experience to appreciate it. It has been declared a National Surfing Reserve, a title richly deserved for its thrilling surfing opportunities and the natural beauty and ecology.


Discovering Cape Woolamai on Foot

Talking a long, leisurely walk along the expansive beaches of Cape Woolamai can be soothing and rejuvenating. There are four walking track loops that run along the coastline and are interspersed with viewing platforms that offer spellbinding view of the Island. You can even get your adrenaline levels going just by watching the surfers in the water doing daring stunts.


All walking tracks at Cape Woolamai begin from the information shelter located at the car park. All you need to do is follow the beach for about a kilometre.


Pinnacles Walk:

This walking track runs for 4 kilometres and it takes about 2 hours to complete the entire stretch.


Old Granite Quarry Walk:

Identified by blue markers, this walking track stretches for 6 kilometres and takes around 3 hours to cover the entire track.


Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk:

Cape WoolamaiLook for the black markers to cover Cape Woolamai Beach Walk, which runs for 6.6 kilometres. Be prepared to walk for about 3.5 hours to complete the entire circuit.


Discover Mesmerising Wildlife

Cape Woolamai is home to the largest shearwater rookery. Also, known as mutton birds, it can be a delight to watch these birds return to roost at dusk after spending the entire day fishing in the open waters. These short-tailed birds live in the granite hills of Cape Woolamai from late September until mid-April. Thereafter, they begin their long flight to Alaska for breeding and nesting.

Cape Woolamai also supports significant populations of Pacific Gulls and Little Penguins, which have become popular world over for their iconic penguin parade.


Beach Combing and Surfing

Seeing the wild and panoramic beauty of Bass Strait can uplift your mood and instil a sense of adventure. The pristine beaches of Cape Woolamai are ideal for walking and collecting driftwood and seashells. If you want adventure, this is the place to surf. Cape Woolamai boasts of one of the best breaks in Australia and this would explain why it attracts surfers from world over.

The beaches are patrolled during the summer months and this makes Cape Woolamai an ideal place to let kids frolic in the azure waters.


Heavenly Shopping and Dining Experience

The commercial hub of Cape Woolamai runs all the way from Vista Place until the road meets Woolamai Beach Road. Here you can relax in one of the several eateries that offer fresh seafood and local wines. Or, you can indulge in some retail therapy to pick up gifts and souvenirs for family and friends.


Be sure to visit the northern end of Cape Woolamai beach, which is called The Colonnades. Be prepared to be awed by the basalt rock cliff that has eroded with water over the centuries and now has a characteristic organ pipe appearance.

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