Cat Bay Surfing

Cat Bay Surfing


It is time to don those wetsuits, wax your surfboard and head to ride the tide in an unusual and unheard, a remote surfing spot of Cat Bay. One need not be a salt-in-the-veins surfer to ride the tides here, thanks to its smooth and short waves. Yet, it is the virginity of this beach that makes it a big craze all over Australia. The relaxing settings and peaceful environs add to the glamour that only a surfing enthusiast would know. Here joys of riding the waves see no bounds!

Situated on Phillip Island, Cat Bay can be easily accessed by a car. It is just a five minutes drive from the Penguin Parade. Just drive straight on Summerland Beach Road, crossing the Penguin Parade. There awaits a guarded offshore surfing experience, maybe one of the best in this part of the country!


Cat Bay Surfing Attributes

Cat Bay is heavily crowded on weekends, like any other surfing beach. Moreover, its close proximity to the Penguin Parade and other Phillip Island attractions makes it an ideal weekend destination. Those seeking serenity should visit the beach on weekdays, as it hardly has any surfers and is immensely silent then.

Also known as Shelly Beach, Cat Bay offers exceptional quality surfing. The fat and mellow waves have a pleasant feel in the first look. It is, in fact, novice surfers’ abode with beginners’ wave heading southwest along the winds. The waves are regular and reef-rocky, something to look forward to!

The waves head right to left and one can experience a plethora of colours, thanks to the corals, sand and rocks underneath. The fun part of these waves is that they are short, light and powerless. The waves have lengths of 50 m on a good day; so even if one is not such a great surfer, Cat Bay surfing is going to be a lifetime enjoyable experience.

The best swell direction on Cat Bay is towards West/ South West, while good wind direction is to the South/ South East and South West/ East. One can explore mid and high tide positions here and rising tide movements. The swell starts at 1m (3ft) and does not hold up too much.

A very friendly atmosphere awaits surfers on Cat Bay. The best time to visit this beach is from March until October. 

Don’t Forget

•    Body Board, Long board, Short board
•    There are dangers of shark in the deep. Though most surfing enthusiasts are novices and not many dare to venture into deep waters. Yet it is important to keep a watchful eye on children.


Cat Bay Preview

•    Standard wave types are swollen and mellow
•    Short and weak waves
•    Standard paddle access
•    Good swell direction towards West/ South West
•    Good wind direction to the South/ South East, South West/ East
•    Best time for surfing is during mid and high tides
•    Rising tide movement
•    Swell starts at 1m/ 3ft and holds till 1m/ 3ft +
•    Best explored from March to October
•    Beware of sharks, rips and rocks


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