Centre Crack Surfing

Centre Crack Surfing


Most of the surf breaks on Phillip Island are for experienced surfers. So, if you are a novice or an intermediate level surfer, it can be frustrating. Thankfully, the Summerland peninsula has the perfect surfing spot for novices and experienced surfers. Centre Crack surfing always attracts surfers, especially when the rest of the Island is blown out or the weather is too stormy to surf at other beaches on Phillip Island.


Centre Crack Attributes

Centre Crack is a sheltered reef break and is renowned for its consistent and clean groundswells. The best part is you can surf anytime of the year here. However, the best time for surfing at Centre Crack is when the winds are offshore and blowing from the north northwest. A point to note is ground swell actually here are more frequent compared to wind swells. And, if you intend on paddling your surfboard to catch a great ground swell, make sure the swell angle is right. The perfect angle should from southwest.

The only issue with Centre Crack surfing is the beach can be crowded, as everyone heads out here when the rest of the surf on the Island is blown off. So, you could be sharing your wave with several other surfers. Most surfers don’t mind the crowd, as the consistent waves and swells make it worthwhile.

Centre Crack is part of the Summerland Beach and is a reef break. The break is towards the right. While it is a pleasure surfing at Centre Crack, the rocks (thanks to the reef) and sharks can be worrisome. It is best to wear a full bodysuit while surfing to avoid nicks and scrapes. As far as sharks are concerned, keep an eye out!

You will get moderate to heavy swells and the best time to surf is when the waves are about 1.5 to 2 metres high. Most diehard surfers will tell you Centre Crack surfing is best reserved for winter surfing! This said, it is open throughout the year, so you can enjoy surfing regardless of the weather.

As the name suggests, Centre Crack surfing zone is located at the centre of the beach, in front of the Penguin Parade area. So, you can visit it just at fixed timings, from 7 am until two hours before the sun sets.


Don’t Forget:

•    To carry your surfboard and gear with you, as there are no stores to rent it.
•    To wear a full body suit to avoid cuts from the sharp rocks
•    To keep an eye out for sharks, rips and rocks at the bottom
•    To bring along your picnic hamper to sit down and enjoy a wholesome meal after a session of surfing
•    To take time out to visit other parts of Summerland Beach, especially the Penguin Parade


Centre Crack Preview:

•    Break Type: Reef Break
•    Best Swell Direction: Southwest
•    Best Wind Direction: North Northwest
•    Reliability: Consistent
•    Power of Waves: Moderate to Heavy
•    Direction of Waves: Right
•    Best Wave Height: 1.5 to 2m
•    Bottom: Sandy and Rocky






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