Cowes Golf Course

Cowes Golf Course  


Cowes offers a plethora of activities for all ages. The Little Penguins, Australian fur seals and koalas maybe extremely popular with visitors, but one should also not forget the Cowes golf course. Situated amid lush natural beauty and wildlife, the course can test your golfing skills. You will come back exhilarated after spending a day there.


It’s Tee Time

Spending time at the Phillip Island Golf Club can be a family event. It has one of the best layouts in Victoria and is ideally located. It is a short walk from central Cowes to reach the course and once there, be prepared to get mesmerised by the scenic beauty. Cowes golf course is located just a few metres from the beach. So, don’t be surprised if after every shot, you stop to take in the enchanting view of the beach and azure waters.


Fascinating Cowes Golf Course

This 18-hole golf course is divided into two “nines”. The outward “nines” are shorter compared to the back “nines”, and are set in beautiful, lush surroundings. Many first-time visitors always expect a flat course and get surprised to see the outward nine holes spread over rolling and sandy terrain that is reminiscent of a classic parkland course. The towering eucalyptus trees lining the freeways and the wildlife can be as exciting as the game itself.


The back nine holes with their coastal landscape offer some challenging times to players. This part of the Cowes golf course favours long hitters, as some long and tough holes. The 11th and 15th holes at 512m and 418m respectively can be challenging and if players manage a par at one of these holes, they can gain a shot over other players. As the back “nines” are more open, wind does play a factor while hitting the ball.


Bunkers across the course are strategically located practically at every hole and this means players have to be accurate. The greens are big and hitting the green does not necessarily mean a 2-putt shot.



The Unique Cowes Golf Course

This challenging and panoramic golf course is suitable for children as well as adults. It also is built to suit all skill levels. The smooth greens are expansive and in good condition. One of the features that always gets players standing still is the presence of wallabies and avian life in the back nine holes. It will be a captivating moment to see a wallaby hop by just as you prepare to tee off!


The Cowes golf course is in a great condition and is well maintained. While the tee shots are easy, there is something unique and special about this picturesque course that is teeming with wildlife.


The clubhouse is a wonderful place to relax after a game of golf and those, who are not into picking up an iron, can enjoy the outdoor area that offers a spellbinding view of the course. This also is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a game of golf.


If visitors come in summer, they will find the course busy. Hence, it is advisable to make a booking in advance.

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