Cowries Surfing

Cowries Surfing


Want to experience one of the best breaks in Australia? It is time to get your surfboard and head for Cowries! Cowries Beach will leave you awestruck with its beautiful waves. There is so much to this place than surfing, like swimming and fishing. You can swim in the high tide area and fish from extensive basalt platforms. The sheltered bay as compared to south coast beaches makes it a favourite amongst surfers. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a trained expert, you will love the surfing opportunities at Cowries Beach.


Cowries Surfing Attributes

Cowries Beach is a rocky bay situated a kilometre north of Point Grant. You can take a car and reach the beach in no time. You can also access Cowries beach by public transport.

It faces west and possesses low dunes and bluffs. The beach is surrounded by reefs and basalt platforms and hence, the bay gets filled with these during low tides. The beach is steep and narrow, around 400 m long. However, you can find 1m high waves. Some of the best waves charge Cowries Beach. These waves are regular regional classic in nature. They move towards the right and are not so powerful in nature. Their length varies from 50m to 150m.

The good swell direction is towards Southeast and the good wind direction is to the South, Southeast and the South West. Normally, the beach experiences low and mid tides and there is a tendency to rising tide movements. The swell starts at less than 1m or 3 ft and holds up to more than 2.5m or 8 feet.

One should be cautious while surfing at Cowries, as the bottom of the beach has lots of corals and sharp rocks. Also, beware of urchins and rips which can ruin all the surfing fun.

If you are one of those who love to surf at secluded beaches, Cowries Beach is indeed a dream come true! You can visit Cowries Beach any time during the week as it is hardly crowded. However, the best time to surf is between the months of April and September.


Don’t Forget:

•    To carry your body board, long board, short board and surfing wear.
•    To watch out for urchins, reef/rock and rips that can be hazardous.
•    To go surfing in the morning. Nice waves come up in the morning, but get choppy around afternoon.
•    To try Cowries surfing in winter. The best months are from April to September. Check the weather before you visit.
•    To avoid the local crowd, as it can be a nuisance sometimes.


Cowries Preview:

•    Standard Wave Length: 50m-150m
•    Good day length 150m-300 m
•    Regional Classic frequent waves
•    Barrelling Wave Type
•    Hollow waves moving towards right side
•    Corals and sharp rocks at the bottom
•    Standard Paddle Access
•    Good swell direction towards Southeast
•    Good wind direction to the South, Southeast, South West
•    Low and mid tide
•    Rising tide movement
•    Swell starts at less than 1m / 3ft and holds up to 2.5m+ / 8ft+
•    Hardly crowded
•    Best explored between April and September
•    Beware of urchins, bottom rocks, reef and rips


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