Crazy Birds Surfing

Crazy Birds Surfing


Crazy Birds Beach, also known as Surf Beach Estate, is one of the best beaches on Phillip Island for surfers. Whether you are a diehard surfing fan or a mere beginner, you can take your surfboard and have a thrilling time on Crazy Birds Beach. This spot is perfect for you if you would like to get away from it all – especially from the crowds at Cape Woolamai and the Forrest Caves.


Crazy Birds Beach Attributes

The beach is quite easy to reach. It is located between two popular points on the Island – Forrest Caves and Surfies Point. Just drive along the road that is present next to the Surfers Beach General Store and follow the sign. You just can’t miss Crazy Birds Beach! Named after the swooping seagulls that are present here in huge numbers, Crazy Birds surfing is one of the best surfing points on the Island.  

This surfing break offers normal waves and that is why surfers of all skill levels can enjoy themselves here to their heart’s content. However, it is not often found by many because it is a hidden surfing spot. The quiet peace and tranquillity of this surfer’s spot will make you want to extend your stay and leave you craving a whole lot more.

Crazy Birds is a beach break and the best time to be paddling your surfboard to catch those amazing swells is during mid-tide and high tide. The swells break left and right, but beware of the sandy bottom, which is littered with rocks. It is best to wear a full bodysuit to avoid nicks and cuts.

On a normal day, the swell length is short, less than 50m, but on a good day, swell lengths vary from 50m to 150m. If you are thrilled by fast and powerful waves that sometimes turn into a barrel-type wave, this is the place you want to be. Surfing here will give you an adrenaline rush like no other and you will probably feel your heart beating faster – practically keeping pace with the waves!


Don’t forget:

•    To always do a pre-visit local weather conditions check to ensure that you are not heading into an area that is experiencing foul weather. Stay away from the area if you observe any storm clouds heading that way as a storm can make the waves extremely dangerous for surfers.
•    To carry a hamper of food and drinks with you as local fare might not always be easily available and sometimes it might not agree with your system.
•    To watch out for the rips and rocks and be extra careful while you are out on the waves, especially if you are a beginner or intermediate surfer.
•    To carry your own surfing equipment as there may not be a rental store close to where you are.


Crazy Birds Preview:

•    Best Swell Direction: South, West and Southwest
•    Best Wind Direction: North and North-east
•    Best Tide Position: Mid and high tide
•    Wave Direction: Right and Left
•    Wave Power: Hollow and powerful
•    Type of Wave: Beach break
•    Normal length of wave: Short, less than 50 m
•    Wave Length on a Good Day: 50 to 150 m



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