Erehwon Point Cowes

Erehwon Point BBQ’s and Playground


Phillip Island and the town of Cowes are a real treasure trove for families. When I visit with my family I never have to venture too far from my holiday house to find the right activities and attractions for my kids. With a toddler in the family I am constantly looking for activities where everyone can join the fun. That is why my family and I love to spend time at Erehwon Point.


Why We Love Erehwon Point

Our love affair with Erehwon Point started when our first born was a toddler. We wanted to spend time at a place that would be suitable for toddlers, and we discovered the Point on The Esplanade to the east end of Cowes Beach.

My first born is no longer a toddler, but he still loves spending a day at this well-equipped playground.

My friends, who had never been to Cowes or Phillip Island wondered what is so fascinating about Erehwon Point. Here is why our family loves it:

   – A huge fort-like structure with three slides. One slide is a tunnel slide

   – Climbing nets

   – Toddler swings

   – Merry-go-round

   – Rocking animals

   – Noughts and crosses

   – Monkey bars

   – Balance beam with obstacles

   – 2-person pommel bounce

   – Inclined balance beam

   – Stand-on carousel

   – Yacht springer

   – Fireman’s pole

   – See-saw

   – Shop front with steps

   – Height check board


Family and Fun Time at Erehwon Point

When we head out to Erehwon Point the beach is just a few metres away offering easy access. There are wooden steps leading to the eastern part of Cowes Beach. With trees offering shade, it is relaxing to spend a day and just gaze at the panoramic view of the ocean.

We prepare our barbecue marinades and meats at our Cowes holiday rental house a day in advance as the playground has shelters with electric BBQs. With shaded and unshaded tables and seats it is a pleasure to sit down and dig into the succulent and mildly flavoured meats.

Check out a great 360 Degree view of Erehwon Point.

It means a lot to my family, especially my kids, when we spend time at The Point and have fun at the playground and then cool off with a nice and delicious BBQ. Try it and you too will come away with cherished memories and a desire to return to Cowes to get more of Erehwon Point.


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