Everything you need to know about surfing – Step 2 Picking the right Wetsuit

Everything you need to know about surfing – Step 2 Picking the right Wetsuit



After you find your surfboard, it doesn’t end there! The next thing to do is purchase a good wetsuit. While choosing one, ask yourself these 3 questions:


How thick is the Wetsuit?


   – If you will surf in water that is 24 celcius or warmer, you need a 2mm thick wetsuit.

   – If the water you’re surfing in is about 18-14 celcius, you will a wetsuit that is 3mm thick.

   – If you plan on surfing in water that is close to 10-18 celcius, you must have a wetsuit that is 4-5mm thick.

Combinations of thicknesses on wetsuits are great also – 3/2 mm where the shoulders and arms give you more freedom but you have the warmth where it counts.


Does the Wetsuit fit right?


   – Make sure that it fits just right, but it shouldn’t hinder your ability to move.

The wetsuit should be tight enough that is keeps in water and heat and not allow water in.


What kind of stitching does the Wetsuit have?


   – Overlock stitching is the most common type and is highly durable. But, it can often lead to irritation.

   – Flatlock stitching is a lot less irritable, but not as durable.

   – Blind stitching is not very durable, but it is the most flexible.

   – The stitching should be sealed to stop water


Get advice! There are a lot of great wetsuit shops on The Island who can help you with any questions.


By Brett Watson


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