Everything you need to know about surfing – Step 3 Surfing Etiquette

Everything you need to know about surfing – Step 3 Surfing Etiquette


Brush up on surfing etiquette

There are certain rules of etiquette that every surfer must follow- especially beginners. Here are a few:

   – Find a beach or a particular spot that beginners, frequent- Here you will be out of the way and won’t annoy an accomplished surfer who is also trying to enjoy the waves.

   – Respect the accomplished surfers- They have been around for years and you are just the newbie. If one tries to offer you advice, accept it graciously.

   – Respect the surfing order- There is something called ‘right of way’. The person who goes up on the wave first gets to catch the wave. The person on the inside of the wave will normally have right of way. Never cut in on that person! Simply, wait for the next wave.

   – Make sure you stay in your league- You’re new, so don’t try to show off. Stick to the basic moves as this way you are less likely to cause harm to yourself or others around you.

   – Don’t wait in the wrong spot – You should always wait out the back rather than closer in. This way you are not in anyones way. This is the same when paddling out, go around the wave.

   – Keep your board’s nose down – If you are getting close to another surfer when paddling out make sure the nose of your board will not hit them. I have taken three different people to hospitals who have had other surfers hit them in the face accidentally with the nose of their boards.


By Brett Watson


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