Express Point Surfing

Express Point Surfing


Do you love adventure? Are you an adrenaline-junkie looking for a great place to ride some of the most consistent and gnarly waves? Welcome to Express Point Surfing! It is the place that attracts some of the world’s best surfers and surfing enthusiasts, thanks to its incredible waves. Once you commit yourself to these fearless and daring waves, you can’t hold back as they will just pull you along with an unforeseen force.

Express Point is Phillip Island’s most challenging surfing point with barreling waves that are best experienced during autumn and winter.


Express Point Surfing Attributes

Express Point is only a day’s trip from Melbourne East, Australia. You need to reach Smiths Beach and from there, it is just a 15-minute walk to Express Point Beach. You can hire a car to reach the surfing spot or drive your own vehicle. As soon as you hit Smiths Beach, start walking east until you see a small point from where the waves explode and wrap around the other side.

Express Point Surfing is only for pros or kamikaze. These regional classic waves are extremely powerful in nature and quite consistent, around 150 days a year. These are daring and hollow waves of 50 m length on a normal day. On a good day, their length varies from 50m to150 m.

These short waves have a swell direction towards South West and South and good wind direction towards North and North West. Express Point Surfing experiences high tide with rising tide movement and the swell starts working at 1.0m to 1.5m / 3ft-5ft and holds up to more than 3m (10ft).

The beach bottom has lots of beautiful corals and sharp rocks that one should be careful of. There are also many sharks in the deep waters and often the waves take you along deep inside the water. Even the locals here not considered the friendliest. So be watchful!

It remains crowded throughout the week, so it is best to get hotels reservations done in advance. Express Point Surfing is a great way to set yourself free and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping surfing action.  


Don’t Forget:

•    Only for brave hearts, skilled and talented surfers.
•    There are rips, rocks, sharks and too much of localism that you should be afraid besides the gnarly and potent waves.
•    It’s always crowded.
•    Best time to visit is autumn and winter.
•    To book your hotel accommodation in advance to enjoy Express Point surfing.


Express Point Preview:

•    Regional Classic Waves
•    Only for experienced surfers
•    Very consistent waves (150 day a year)
•    Powerful and hollow waves
•    Corals and sharp rocks at the bottom
•    Short wave of 50m length
•    On a good day measures 50m to 150m
•    Good swell direction is towards South West and South
•    Good wind direction is towards North and North West
•    High tide with rising tide movement
•    Swell starts working at 1.0m to 1.5m (3ft to 5ft) and holds up to over 3m (10ft)
•    Crowded on all days of the week
•    Best surfing seasons are autumn and winter
•    Beware of rips, rocks, sharks and the locals


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