Fishing on The Island

Fishing on The Island


One of my favourite ways of relaxing during a holiday is fishing. And fishing at Phillip Island has always fascinated me. I head towards some of the best fishing spots (well, I am a near local!) and often manage to reel in an Australian salmon, trevally, gummy shark, whiting or even a Flat Head or two. And, I have always had a lot of success catching squid, which I love to cook with lots of garlic and butter. Yummy!


My Baits of Choice

All my friends living on Phillip Island favour one bait over others. I am no different. While some use mussels, pilchards or prawns, I personally prefer using squid or pipies. Most locals will tell you these are the best baits that you can use throughout the year. Of course, I have heard stories of visitors and locals using mussels to catch whiting and pipies and pilchards to catch snappers, I have great success with my favourite baits.


I soften the pipies and squid by bashing them up and ensuring there are no loose ends hanging. Loose ends are a good way to come up away empty-handed, specially if you are trying to catch whiting.


My Favourite Fishing Spots

There are many Phillip Island fishing spots that offer a tranquil and serene environment. Invariably I accompany a local friend, who anchors his a boat close to a channel or gutter. If I don’t find a local, I just go to Cowes jetty. This allows me to cast my line right in the middle of the gutter.


There is something relaxing sitting with a friend on a boat and trying to haul in a good fish. I love this, as it gives me an opportunity to catch up with the local gossip and enjoy a few beers in the company of a friend. For me, this is the ultimate relaxation.


Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle



River Fishing

If I yearn for some river fishing, the best river fishing spot near Phillip Island undoubted is the Powlett River. This is a tidal river and a great place to catch perch, salmon and mullet. If I get invited for night fishing, I usually come back with school shark or gummy shark that are in abundance in the surf.


Phillip Island fishing is not just a sport or hobby. It is a passion among locals and since I consider myself a local, I too am passionate about it. It helps me de-stress and get rejuvenated.


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