Flynns Reef Surfing

Flynns Reef Surfing

Flynn’s Reef surfing on Phillip Island is renowned. It is a surfer’s paradise, as long as you know are highly experienced and do can handle large swells. However, the area can be crowded with surfers looking for an adrenaline pump when there are large Southwest swells and the wind is from the Eastern quadrant. The good news is Flynn’s Reef can also handle onshores quite well.

If you are looking for bowling and powerful waves that fly over a shallow reef, this is the ideal place for you. You also can enjoy some great walling sections.


Characteristics of Flynn Reef

The wave quality is outstanding, maybe best in the world. Sometimes there is a tendency of the waves breaking. The wave type is reef/rocky and the direction of the waves are to the right. Beware of the bottom, as it consists of sand mingled with sharp rocks and coral. Also, be mindful of the strong rips.

On a normal day, the wavelength is about 50 m and hence considered short. However, on a good day, the wavelength can vary anywhere from 50 m to 150 m. The swell size begins working at about 1.5 m to 2 m and is capable of holding up to more than 3 m. If you love barreling waves, this reef is perfect for you. You will not be disappointed.

The best tide movement is when the tide is rising, while the best tide position is during mid and high tide.


Best Time for Surfing

The best time to come to Flynn’s Reef for surfing is any time between March and October. Be prepared to share the swell with another 11 to 20 surfers! You can use body boards, long boards and short boards effortlessly here. Access to the waves is standard paddle.



Flynn’s Reef is basically a trouble-free surfing zone. If you can cope with the crowd and reef cuts, you will fit right in. Sharks are not really a concern, albeit great whites have been spotted occasionally. Of course, rips are strong and a constant hazard to deal with. But it is worthwhile considering the beautiful surfing experience you come away with.


How to Reach Flynn’s Reef

Phillip Island, is a two-hour drive from Melbourne. Flynn’s Reef is situated just before you reach Penguin Parade. It is on the way to Cat Bay. If you are driving, head towards The Nobbies. On reaching the roundabout, take a right and you will reach Flynn’s Reef. It is located on the Bay side of the Island.

Flynns Beach – 360 Degree View



There is no dearth of accommodation on Phillip Island. You can choose from comfortable budget options or splurge on luxurious resorts. Phillip Island has motels, caravan parks with all amenities, hostel catering to backpackers, bed and breakfasts, cosy cottages, resorts and apartments. You will surely be able to find something that suits your requirements and fits into your budget.

It is best to find accommodation that is close to Flynn’s Reef, so that you can easily access the Reef for the ultimate surfing experience on Phillip Island.


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