How to get to Phillip Island

How to get to Phillip Island


I spend most summers relaxing and rejuvenating in Cowes, Phillip Island. Each time I am packing my car with all the things I reckon I would need for my stay in Cowes, my overly friendly neighbour always comes and asks the same question – “How are you going to get to Phillip Island?” And, I very patiently explain it to him.


Island Location

Phillip Island, is situated at the mouth of Western Port Bay. When I drive from Melbourne, which is where I live, it normally takes mean hour and a half to reach this beautiful and spectacular Island. Since it is located so close to Victoria’s capital, Phillip Island is a popular weekend destination. The Island is separated from the mainland by a channel, but there is bridge connectivity.


Reaching Phillip Island

I have never found it difficult to get to The Island as there are so many different ways to get there.

By Car:

There are times when I drive down from Melbourne. From the Central Business District (CBD), it takes about 90 minutes to reach the Island. The good news is the highways are extremely well-maintained, so driving is always a pleasure.

When I drive, I take the Monash Freeway (M1) and drive all the way to Cranbourne exit. From the exit, I turn into South Gippsland Highway (M420), driving through Grantville and Bass to reach Bass Highway (A420). Thereafter, I take the Phillip Island Road (B420) that leads to San Remo and then gets onto the bridge leading to the Island.

By Ferry:

This is the transport I love taking every summer if I have my way and the family doesn’t interfere! I take a diesel train from Frankston and that deposits me at Stony Point. From there, I hop on the ferry and reach Phillip Island. There also is an option of reaching Phillip Island via French Island.

I would advise you to keep the ferry timetable handy, so that you know when the ferry departs from Stony Point.

Public Transport:

Even if I don’t have my car, I can still reach Phillip Island anytime I want. I make use of public transport. I take the V/Line coach from Melbourne that takes me to Cowes, Phillip Island via Grantville, Corinella, Bass, San Remo and New Haven. The V/Line coach operates everyday. There are even buses in the form of private charter that operate from Frankston and Wonthaggi.


Though I have never tried it myself, I have seen some people arrive on Phillip Island using a helicopter charter. I am sure it must be a fun ride, as you will have a spectacular view of the Island and mainland from the helicopter.


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