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Phillip Island Surfing


Phillip Island is one of Australia’s top surfing locations, in fact it is one of the worlds best.  Because it is an island all the surf breaks work differently and it is very rare that any given wind direction, swell size and weather condition would not produce at least one awesome, ridable wave on The Island at any one time. 

Not sure which is the best wave on The Island to surf – check out our own , unique Island Glass Surf App that calculates the best surf breaks on the island using the current winds direction and speeds, tide heights and swell directions.


Save the Phillip Island Surf Engine as an app on your phone – Instruction Here.


There is always a choice of breaks:


Berry’s Beach

Cat Bay

Centre Crack


Crazy Birds

Express Point

Flynns Reef

Forrest Caves

Kitty Miller

Magic Lands


Pyramid Rock

Right Point

Smiths Beach

Surfies Point




Phillip Island Surf Locations:


Red – Very Experienced
Orange – Experienced
Yellow – All Surfers