Kitty Miller Surfing

Kitty Miller Surfing


Kitty Miller Bay is one of the must-visit spots for surfing enthusiasts everywhere! This beautiful surfing spot is actually one of the more peaceful Phillip Island beaches and can be quite secluded. Listen to the sound of the waves and birds and be one with nature.


Kitty Miller Bay Attributes

This beach is popular for surfing, fishing and swimming and is situated about 500 m within Watts Point and Kennon Head with a lot of rocky platforms and reefs lying scattered in between. Kitty Miller Beach is sheltered, south facing, about 500 metres long and semi-circular. It is shaped like a horseshoe which is traditionally supposed to symbolise good luck.


If you’re really lucky, you might catch sight of some small stingrays in the water around you. The waves come up to about 0.7 m at the beach and sometimes it’s even lower than this, especially at low tide. During this time when the water level is really low, you must explore the exposed rock pools and keep an eye out for shark egg cases lying at the water’s edge.


There are so many attractions at Kitty Miller Bay that you will be wondering how you can possibly fit them all into your schedule. Keep your eyes open as you wander around and we can guarantee that you won’t miss a single thing. Another natural attraction is the rock formations which were caused a long time ago due to volcanoes. If you visit the little sandy inlets, try collecting the small cowrie shells. They will make a beautiful souvenir of your trip.

Another major attraction is the famous SS Speke shipwreck which has been lying on the island since 1906 when it crashed into some rocks during a terrible storm. The piece de resistance is the figurehead that currently lies in the Phillip Island Historical Society Museum.


As soon as its high tide, you will find rips in the water that are only present when the waves are high. This bay has several breaks over the reefs. The right hand reef break which is on the inside section picks up double ups from the rocks outside and hence, it can hold really big swells when its around 4 to 6 feet and there happens to be a northwest breezy wind blowing. However, the southwest is the best swell direction and quite often, it tends to receive distant groundswells. The best time to surf is during the high tide!


Don’t Forget:

– To always find out the local weather conditions before hitting the surf. Make sure you know the accurate timings of the high and low tides. If you find out that the weather conditions are pretty harsh, reschedule your trip till it’s safer to visit.

– To keep your dog at home because they aren’t allowed at Kitty Miller Bay.

– To relieve yourself at home, because there aren’t any toilet facilities out on the beach.

– To watch out for sharks and not venture too deep into the water.


Kitty Miller Preview:

– R Point Wave Type

– Best Swell is Southwest

– Best Wind Direction NW, SW, W

– Intermediate Skill Level

– Best Tide Mid to High


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