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Do you have a Holiday House or Apartment on Phillip Island that you would like to rent out an earn that extra income? Traditional listing options mean that you have to pay huge commissions every time you got a booking, on Cowes.Info we charge a small flat rate of $8.99 per month (first month free).

For this you have your own page fully Search Engine Optimised (Google friendly) that you can use to promote your property. On the page you can include all the details you want , including images. You will also have your own booking request form that directs all enquiries to your own email address. In addition we are working hard with Australia’s best SEO company so your listing will be found by anyone looking to rent a holiday house on The Island.

Why List With Cowes.Info


  1. You Pay No Commissions
  2. Only Pay a Small Monthly Fee (First Month Free) $8.99 PCM
  3. No Marketing Fees 
  4. Thousands Of People Each Month Will See Your Property
  5. Full Page Search Engine Optimisation By Australia’s Best SEO Company
  6. No Contracts
  7. All Correspondence From Potential Customers Goes Straight To You 


Also an added bonus is our popular Facebook page and followers who are very interested in Cowes and all things Phillip Island. We will be running specials and promotions to this specific demographic and if you want to run a special like “a winter getaway discount” to get visitors to your property we can do this for you.


Fill in the information below and we will send you a confirmation email and ask you to send through some images that will highlight your property. We will submit your property to all search engines and index your listing with Google once we have approved your request (no stress we just want to make sure you are not spamming us!).

At any point you can remove your listing and stop your small monthly payment – simple.


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