Magic Lands Surfing

Magic Lands Surfing


Magic Lands is a small beach break at the east end of Cape Woolamai Beach. This area is sheltered from the east and southeast winds and is an extremely popular site for winter surfing! There are a number of beaches around the Cape Woolamai area, but you will find this ‘magical’ one furthest to the east, just before the Cape Woolamai rocky region. Magic Lands is sheltered compared to the other beaches but is not to be taken lightly! This beach break is quite powerful with sizeable right and left peaks. You can get a right form off the many rocks on south swell and wall up along a sandy bank.


Magic Land Beach Attributes


The Magic Lands Beach gets approximately 1.8 m waves which break on the reefs inducing powerful rips against and in between the headlands. The beach is pretty much isolated, but sometimes it can be prone to crowds. It is more suited for surfing rather than swimming. Magic Lands is perfect for surfing, as it gets both left and right breaks over the reef and sand. The north-easterly winds blowing offshore to this corner of Cape Woolamai make it a must for surfers to visit!


The Magic Lands reefs are also good for fishing if you’re in a mood to take a break from surfing. It has quite consistent surfing conditions at pretty much any time of the year. The groundswells are a lot more frequent than the windswells and the south is definitely the best swell direction. Wait for the tide to rise a bit because surfing conditions are best at high tide.

Magic Lands beach has a lot of steep cliffs and if you have a little free time, do schedule a visit to ‘The Pinnacles’ which is a very fascinating Cape Woolamai rock formation. You should also make it a point to go on the walking tour through the Magic lands which allows you to see some of the most breathtaking Cape Woolamai sights.


Magic Lands is just one of the great surf breaks on Phillip Island. The bonus of Magic Lands is that it is so close to other breaks that if one is not working there is a good chance another one close by is – you may save your self a drive around The Island looking for the perfect break by visiting Magic Lands first.


Don’t Forget:

   – To always check the prevailing weather conditions as well as the weather forecasts to ensure that you’re not venturing into a potentially dangerous situation when you hit the surf. If a storm is approaching, reschedule your visit to another time.

   – To watch out for the rocks and sharks. Do not head too deep into the waters.

   – To also take precautions against the rips while surfing. The beach can get potentially hazardous at times.

   – To carry your own food as there might not be enough local food spots around and the food might not suit your taste.



   – Wave Length 100 to 200 m

   – Months to Visit March to October

   – Wave Type Powerful and Full

   – Best Swell South

   – Best Winds North-easterly

   – Reliability Fairly consistent

   – Watch Out for Sharks and Rips


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