Maru Koala And Animal Park

Maru Koala And Animal Park 


Phillip Island has always been a paradise for nature lovers. The indigenous flora and fauna and the unspoilt beauty of the Island has fascinated and awed visitors for decades. Another attraction on the Island is the Maru Koala and Animal Park, which is owned, operated and managed by the Heffer Family. Spread over an area of 5 acres, the Park is located on Bass Highway, Grantville, close to Westernport Bay.


The Animals

Maru Koala and Animal Park is the place to meet animals up close. It also is home of some extremely rare albino animals. The Park is a great place for families, as adults and kids together can pat a koala or hand-feed an albino kangaroo. There are hourly tours through the koala enclosures where visitors can get inside the enclosures in the company of a keeper and meet the koalas.


The Park also offers visitors a rare opportunity to take a walk with dingoes, have a lively chat with parrots and actually meet a python. Of course, the Park’s resident golden possum is a big hit with visitors. In addition, there are wallabies, wombats, Tasmanian devils, native avian life and many other animals to see and meet in the Park.


It is a unique experience to visit the Maru Wildlife Shelter that looks after orphaned and injured animals and then rehabilitates them into the wild. The weekends and school and public holidays are great for Talk with the Keepers when visitors can enjoy hourly talks and get introduced to each animal by name.


The Mini Golf

The Maru Koala and Animal Park boasts of a mini golf course. Named Pirate Pete’s Mini Golf Adventure, this golf is shaped like a pirate’s ship and has 18 fun holes. While playing, players come across life-size pirate figures, including the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow. There even is a gold mine located under a 5-metre waterfall. In Autumn, the mini golf course celebrate the Pirate Festival every year.


The Bistro

Visitors can enjoy freshly-made meals and snacks at the Homestead Bistro, which is licensed. The bistro is open everyday for breakfast and lunch and visitors can enjoy a wide range of fare. Even people looking for dairy- and gluten-free, vegetarian and Halal food will be happy with the spread. Be sure to try the Homestead Bistro’s gourmet pizza. It is delicious!


The bistro offers cakes, muffins, freshly-baked scones with Devonshire tea, rolls, pastries, bread, pies, soups and several meats and vegetable dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients.


There is an indoor playroom for children named the Dinosaur Playroom that provides children information about the Dinosaur Dreaming fossil dig site located at Inverloch. Thousands of dinosaur fossils were found at this site. The playroom is equipped with a range of toys and activities to keep the little ones busy.



‘Dinosaur Dreaming’ fossil dig site, where thousands of fossils have been found. This site is located near Inverloch within our Bass Coast Region.


Entry Fees

There is a range of entry fee that visitors can choose from.


Entry To Adult Child
(4 to 15)
(2 Adults + 2 Children
Senior Citizen
Animal Park Only $17 $10 $46 $12
Mini Golf $14 $9 $40 $10
All Day Pass (Both) $25 $15 $75 $17


There are special rates for groups and school groups.


Opening Hours

The Maru Koala and Animal Park is open everyday from 9.30 am until 5.30 pm. During daylight saving time and school summer holidays the opening hours are extended. The Park is closed on Christmas Day.


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