Melbourne to Phillip Island Tour

Melbourne to Phillip Island Tour


Phillip Island is a great escape from the rigours of daily life. It is a place to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. That is why so many people take a day trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island. It is always a nice experience to let someone do the driving for you. It gives you an opportunity to take in the natural beauty.


My Melbourne to Phillip Island Tour

Most people assume Phillip Island’s sole attraction is the iconic Penguin Parade. Let me tell right away this is not true. Once you come to Phillip Island the sheer choices of activities can often overwhelm you. That is why I suggest you take a Melbourne to Phillip Island Tour. It will allow you to enjoy the delights of the Island without feeling restricted.


We recommend using Gray Line for the tour. You will find several options to suit what you want to see and enjoy on the Island. Most of the tours have a few common features. When we take the tour to get away from the chaos of Melbourne, these are the places to visit:

– Awe-inspiring view of the French Island and Western Port

– Visiting the historical maritime village of San Remo

– Visiting Churchill Island and taking in the ancient heritage

– Bird-watching

– Getting close and personal with kangaroos and wallabies and hand-feeding them

– Visiting the Koala Conservation Centre to watch cuddly koalas in their natural habitat from elevated boardwalks

– Going to Phillip Island Nature Park to see seals, shearwaters and Little Penguins

– Watching the seals frolic on Seal Rocks from The Nobbies


The icing on the cake is the Penguin Parade. It is a wonderful way to bring your Melbourne to Phillip Island tour to a memorable end. Sitting on Summerland Beach and watching the penguins make their way to their burrows from a premium viewing area is just what the doctor ordered!


Taking in the Sights and Sounds

Phillip_Island_Tour_Penguin_On_The_BeachThe Melbourne to Phillip Island Tour is perfect for the weekend. It is an opportunity to get away from daily hassles and escape to a place that oozes beauty, tranquillity and fun. Of course, Phillip Island is our second home and we never get tired of taking in the sights and sounds. It is a unique experience that soothes the mind and relaxes the body.


Whether it is watching the Penguin Parade – which is worth seeing a million times! – or watching the seals from the observation centre at The Nobbies, You will love every moment of it. And, during the trip you will make some new friends, people who enjoy the same thing as you do.


There have been instances when going from The Nobbies to Summerland Beach the tour have been fortunate enough to see wild wallabies grazing in the fields and bushland.

Where else can you experience this fascinating sight?



We really suggest you take one of the many Melbourne to Phillip Island Tours at least once to understand why it attracts people so much. You will be hooked and will want to go every weekend. But do remember to carry something warm, as even in summer the Summerland Beach can be cool. We suggest you carry a jacket for the trip that can be put on in the evening when it is time to watch the Little Penguins.

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