Penguins Surfing

Penguins Surfing


When it comes to surfing on Phillip Island, Summerland Beach is the birthplace of surfing. The reef breaks at the beach are the reason for those huge swells, but those looking for classic breaks will be better off trying out the Penguins surf break. There is nothing like heading out to the Penguins break on Summerland Beach for some fun and thrilling surfing experience and then enjoying the iconic Penguin Parade on the beach. It’s the perfect way to spend a day on Phillip Island.


Penguins Surfing Attributes

Summerland Beach is perfect for mals and long surfing board. During the day, the beach is open to the public, as the Little Penguins are out at sea frolicking, fishing and swimming. The beach opens its doors at 7.30 am until 2 hours prior to sunset. You don’t require a permit or entry fee to access the beach and enjoy surfing at the Penguins surf break. You also will notice few surfers during the weekend and will have the whole surfing area to yourself during weekdays.

The beach can be accessed from the Penguin Parade Visitors Centre and when you sink your toes into the warm sand, you will realise the beach extends all the way to the coast on the left. The best time to surf at the Penguins surf break is when the wind direction is North and Northwest.


Penguins surf break is ideal for experienced surfers, but even intermediate surfers can enjoy the swells. The bottom is sandy with rocks, so it is best to wear a full body suit when surfing here. On a normal day, the wavelength is from 50 m to 150 m; but on a good day, it can range from 150 m to 300 m. The waves can be hollow, powerful and fast; and tend to break towards the right. The swell size begins from under 1 m (3 feet) and can go all the way to more than 3 m (10 feet).


If you want to enjoy Penguins surf break, it is best to head out into the waters during mid-tide when the tide is rising. That is when the swells are at the peak and you will be able find waves to ride your surfboard with ease. Be sure to paddle out and stay away from the central reef that faces the Penguin Parade area on the beach.


Don’t Forget:

   – Be sure to check out the weather conditions before heading to Penguins surf break. Ensure the wind condition is perfect for an enjoyable day of surfing.

   – To check the time the beach closes with the Penguin Parade Visitors Centre. If you have used the boardwalk to access the beach, you want to head out the same way before the beach closes. Otherwise, you will have a long walk over the cliff to get out of the area and more often than not, the gate to access the beach is closed.

   – Be careful of the rocks at the bottom of the beach. Also, keep a close watch for sharks, as they come to hunt down the Little Penguins.

   – Take your own surfing equipment, as there are no shops or stores in the vicinity to hire surfing gear and equipment.


Penguins Preview:

   – Regional Classic Wave

   – Surf Break to the Right

   – Normal Length 50m to 150m

   – Good Day Length 150m to 300m

   – Good Swell Direction West, Southwest and South

   – Swell Size Less than 1m and can hold up to 3m or more

   – Best Tide Position Mid Tide

   – Best Tide Movement Rising Tide



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