Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pet Friendly Accommodation


If you are anything like me, you will not think of going on a holiday without your family pooch. I hate leaving behind our dog because he is part of the family. We usually head to Cowes every summer and our family pet accompanies us. In fact, he has become quite a Cowes attraction, as nearly everyone who stays nearby knows Gromit by name!


Pets and Accommodation

Cowes has so much to offer, but as a pet owner for me the highlight is the many pet friendly holiday house accommodation rentals that I can choose from. I never have a problem finding accommodation that welcomes Gromit and I wholeheartedly. Of course, the kids are extremely thrilled to have the pooch with them.

I often take a beach shack as it comes with a doggy bed for Gromit. He is content to lie on the bed all day long in a safe and secure environment while I frolic in the surf and sand with the kids. Occasionally, he puts out his head and barks at the sea gulls, but the lazy lout he is, he prefers snoring throughout the holiday!

If I don’t find a beach house, which does happen occasionally, as I am too lazy to book one in advance, I take a studio or book a B&B. You will be amazed to see how welcoming the locals are and do everything to provide some great Phillip Island accommodation for your pet.

As far as my experience goes, there is room aplenty for pets in many holiday houses on The Island.


Keeping Fido Busy

There are some beaches in Cowes that allow pets. I love to see Gromit prancing near the waves or barking insanely at gulls. Sometimes I think he has great eyesight, as he has no qualms about raising his bark a few decibels at the lazing birds on nearby rocks.

He loves running around at Rhyll and then cooling off to a bowl of water at Cowes, while I sip my cappuccino serenely and pretending the untidily lapping dog is not mine!

What bigger Cowes attraction do I need? A chance to rest and relax in the salubrious climate of Cowes in the company of my loved ones and family pooch. Life seems so content and fulfilling!


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