Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory


Just a kilometre from the bridge that leads to Phillip Island is one of the most amazing attractions of the Island. At this attraction, you can lose yourself to the magnificence of rich, creamy and heavenly chocolate at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. The Factory is located very close to the Newhaven Visitor Information Centre.


A Delicious Attraction

This Factory is the home of Pannys Chocolate. The Pannys is renowned throughout Australia for its fine chocolates and treats, which are available in over 190 unique varieties. This is not just a place where chocolates are made. It is an attraction by itself that visitors should check out when they come to Phillip Island.


Visitors are greeted with a free sample on arrival and it can be a real treat for the taste buds. It is like re-discovering you inner child when you take a basket and browse through the delectable treats available at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.


Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate

Besides buying a delicious array of chocolates, visitors can also learn and entertain themselves at the Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate. It is equipped with interactive displays that are fun to play with, but you also can learn amazing facts about chocolate and also hone your chocolate-making skills.


Chocolate_Factory_Phillip_IslandIt is quite fascinating to go on a self-guided tour and find out how chocolate is made from a simple cocoa. Once you have finished learning this fact, it is time to head to the interactive machines with levers and buttons to play games and get rewarded in chocolate.


The fun part of visiting Pannys Amazing Chocolate World is a hands-on chocolate-making machine that allows you to create your own treat. Once the chocolate is created, it makes it way on a conveyor belt, straight into your hands. You can indulge in this self-created treat there and then and enjoy a piece of chocolate heaven!


Another fascinating aspect is the Art Gallery where famous and iconic masterpieces are reproduced in chocolate! This maybe the only place in the world where you can see the famous statue of David by Michelangelo made from chocolate. The statue stands at a height of two metres. Another mesmerising display is the mosaic of Dame Edna Everage made from 12,000 pieces of chocolate.


This is the place to get awed by a thunderous chocolate waterfall. You will be able to see 400 kilograms of melted chocolate cascading every three minutes. If you think you are strong, it is time to test this theory with the one tonne chocolate block. You are given an opportunity to lift it!


Entry Fees and Bookings

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factor welcomes visitors and also is open to group booking. The entry to the café and the retail store is free. There are entry fees for visiting and enjoying the Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate. The admission charges are as follows:


Adult: $15

Family Pass (for 2 adults and 2 children): $45

Child: $10


Opening Hours

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factor is open throughout the year, other than on Christmas Day when it is closed. The Factory opens its doors at 9 am.


During winters the retail store closes at 5 pm and from October to March, it closes at 6 pm. The Pannys Café closes at 5 pm.

930 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven, Victoria

Phone (03) 5956  6600

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