Phillip Island Fishing

Phillip Island Fishing


Phillip Island fishing has always been amazing. On the Island, fishing enthusiasts will be able find boat ramps at Newhaven, Rhyll and Cowes. The Bay is popular for catching Whiting, Snapper, Flathead, Silver Bay Trout, Gummy Shark, Trevally and Mullet.


Local Fishing Hot Spots


The year round residents of Phillip Island have these special hotspots for fishing. The best way to look for local fishing spots is to anchor the boat in an area where there are already people casting their line and bait. Alternatively, fishing aficionados can look for channels or gutters that have shallow, but sandy bottoms.


People, who do not want to get onto boats, can always visit a jetty or pier. However, make sure fishing is allowed in the area. If it is, visitors can just cast their line into the gutter or channel.


Boat Launching and Fishing


If a boat is more than 20 feet, it is best to launch it from Rhyll, which has an all-tide ramp. Even Newhaven has an all-tide ramp, making it one of the best launching pads.


The San Remo Pier is the place to fish in summer if fishing enthusiasts are looking for a good catch of squids. On the other hand, the Newhaven Pier is ideal for catching juvenile Snappers, also known as Pinkies, Trevally and Luderick.


Local Advice on Bait


The local fishermen on Phillip Island recommend using pipis and squid as bait for Whiting. They reckon these are the best baits that can be used throughout the year. As a fishing enthusiast, it is important to know that Whiting is a fussy eater. So, make sure to soften up the pipis or squid a little bit by bashing them up and then hooking the bait neatly.


On the other hand, Flathead is a greedy fish and will eat anything that it can lay its hands on. So, fishing aficionados do not have to worry too much about the bait.


Snapper fishing is most successful if WA pilchard, pipis, squid, octopi, tuna or bonito is used. One of the attractions of Phillip Island fishing is that salmon can be caught throughout the year. However, make sure to use pipis, blue bait or pilchard.


In case visitors want to surf fish, it is best to pipis or sand worms. They offer the best results.


Indoor Fishing Opportunity


What makes The Island fishing unique is the opportunity for visitors to try their hand at indoor fishing. The Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm located at Rhyll-Newhaven has instructors, who offer fishing instructions to visitors to catch rainbow trout indoors or outdoors.


The indoor pool is transformed to have a rainforest appearance and ambience, while the outdoor lake is serene, with lush trees lining the shores of the lake. Visitors have to pay an entry fee or rod hire fee and they do not require a licence.


Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle


Fishing Guidelines and Licences


Fishing enthusiasts should make it a point to learn the local guidelines before trying their hand at Phillip Island fishing. The information is available at the Parks Victoria Offices located in San Remo, Fisheries office at Cowes and high quality tackle and bait shops on the Island.


Also, it is important to note, a fishing licence is mandatory for line and spear fishing as well as for shellfish and bait gathering and yabby fishing.

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  1. Mark Hutton 2014-08-17 08:28:40
    I love fishing at Phillip Island, especially on the Cowes Pier. I have spent some great times with my two sons sitting on the pier on a warm evening fishing.

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