Phillip Island Fur Seals

Phillip Island Fur Seals


My love affair with the wildlife of Phillip Island has been going on for years and I have never wanted it to cease. That is why every time I come to Phillip Island, I make it a point to visit The Nobbies.

The magnificent coastal view from the boardwalks is cathartic and the lookout points located amidst natural sea bird gardens offer an amazing view of the Bass Strait. However, what really attracts me to The Nobbies is the Phillip Island fur seal colony.


The Adorable Fur Seals of Phillip Island

Just about two kilometers offshore from The Nobbies are outcrops called the Seal Rocks. These rocks are home to more than 16,000 Australian fur seals, making this the largest colony in the country.

I love to stand and watch the seals frolic, swim and breed on these rocks. Between late October and late December the females give birth to pups. It is amazing to hear the raucous noise these cute and adorable creatures can make. I was informed by a seal expert that the noise was basically males fighting for their territory. Of course, I knew this was a fact, but couldn’t imagine these siren-eyed creatures to be so ruthless!

If you come out The Nobbies between late December and early January, you will find the colony quiet and peaceful. This is because the males leave the colony to go out fishing, leaving behind mothers, pups and young seals. That is the best time to view seals.


Viewing the Fur Seals

While The Nobbies has an outdoor observatory where there are paid telescopes available for viewing the seals, I prefer taking my own binoculars and walking along the boardwalks. When I get tired, I sit at the café to rejuvenate myself and then I am back to watching the fur seals of different ages swim, feed and bask.

There also are spy cameras strategically placed to give seal and nature lovers an opportunity to see these beautiful mammals. These cameras are interactive and I do take advantage of them at times.

I also recommend the seal cruise, which is extremely popular. The cruise boats take you close enough to the Seal Rocks to view the seals close and personal; and trust me when I say it is one experience you will cherish forever.


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