Phillip Island Go Kart Track

Phillip Island Go Kart Track


Philip Island is also home to one of the most popular racing events that take place every year at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Some of the most popular events are MoTo GP, V8 Supercar series and the World Superbike Championship, which attracts more than 350 million visitors each year. Phillip Island is one of the best places to visit during these events. There is a great deal of adventure that a visitor can indulge in when they visit the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit track.


Go Kart Track:

The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit has a 720-metre track exclusively reserved for go-karting. This track is a miniature, but scaled replica, of the amazing Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit track. It overlooks the Bass Strait and offers a panoramic view of the rugged coastline with adrenaline-filled adventure.

Visitors can personalise their go-karting experience by recording their lap time and comparing it with that of their friends.  Furthermore, visitors coming in a group can opt for tailor-made packages that allow them to organise group races.

Hot Lap is one of the best features of the Grand Prix Circuit. This round can only be taken along with an experienced racer. For the Hot Lap, the driver is strapped with a 5-point harness in a GT3 Porsche which can go from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 3.8 seconds!


Go Kart_Strip_Phillip_Island

Guided Tour:

The guided circuit tour is a simulated version of the racing experts where visitors get access to the restricted areas, such as Race Control. Here, they get an opportunity to get behind the scenes of the Grand Prix and the events of major racing. The most interesting part of this guided tour is ‘Shake the Champagne’ where visitors get to open the champagne bottle like any other Grand Prix event. These tours take place between 11 am and 2 pm everyday. The tour lasts for 45 minutes, but every single second is enthralling and entertaining.


The Museum:

Take a nostalgic guided tour and learn about racing history in Phillip Island. You get to see the vintage and classic racing cars that have travelled the track. Moreover the revelations of the craziest racing events are unraveled here.


The Go-Karting Experience

Visitors can book their slots and rent a go kart to ride the winds in one of the most popular and well-known racing circuits in Australia. A pit stop can be made at the Champion’s Café to satiate hunger and quench thirst.

This also is a great go-karting track for adults and children. The ones, who are too young to enjoy go-karting, can have fun at the interactive gaming centre. Children love the racing games that the centre has to offer. Even toddlers have a place to call their own at the toddlers’ playground.

Visitors can book 10-minute go-karting sessions. To get more details or to find out how to customise their go-karting experience, visitors can call up Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Visitor Centre on: (03) 5952 9400. The go kart track is open throughout the year, other than when the Moto Grand Prix and the Superbike World Championships are hosted. During these events, the track is converted into a campground.

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