Phillip Island GoKart Track

Phillip Island Go-Kart Track 


I love holiday season when I can let my hair down and forget about work and other worries. My favourite holiday destination is undoubtedly Phillip Island where I can be close to nature and satisfy my cravings for thrills and spills! I always look for Cowes accommodation that makes it easy for me to access the beach and the Phillips Island Grand Prix Circuit Go Kart Track.


Go, Go Go Karting

I was introduced to go-karting by my father and after the first ride, I was hooked. Go-karting has been a passion ever since along with my love for nature. And, Phillip Island allows me an opportunity to satiate these passions at the same place. Where else will I be able to open the window of my holiday rental and get mesmerised by the azure waters and golden sands and then take a short drive to the go kart track and once more lose myself to the speed and the undulating hills and craggy cliffs.


Phillip Island Go Kart Track

Did you know the go kart track on Phillip Island is a scale replica of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit? While I never aspired to become a racer, there is something thrilling and exciting about zipping on a track that is exactly the same as the Grand Prix Circuit.

The track is more than 720 metres long and in certain places it more than 8 metres wide. Each curve and the straight gets my adrenaline pumping and I feel exhilarated as I drive along the awe-inspiring coastline of Phillip Island – my home away from home.

When I took my young son for a spin, my wife was worried about the safety of the go karts. It took some glib talking and technical knowledge to convince her all was good and safe! The karts are imported and there are even tandem karts, which my son and I use each time to decide to book Phillip Island accommodation. We often stop mid-track to admire the southern part of the Circuit and hypnotising cliffs of Bass Strait.

Thanks to the beach and the go-kart track my itinerary for my Phillip Island holiday is always thrilling. What about yours?


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