Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix
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Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix


I love the thunderous roar of a motorcycle. It gets my adrenaline and heart pumping like never before. My family says I get flushed on the face in the presence of a motorcycle and that should tell how much I love these lean, mean machines. And, one of the best places to satiate this weird admiration and love of mine is the Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix.


An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Imagine, as a MotoGP fan, being able to witness firsthand the best riders in the world? That is exactly what happens when the Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix takes place at the famous and spectacular Phillip Island Circuit.


I never miss the motorcycle Grand Prix. I find the entire event spectacular and thrilling, as riders defy the laws of nature to become winners. And, the exciting tracks and the striking backdrop of the open complete the entire picture.


For me, the Phillip Island Grand Prix is the Mecca of motorcycle racing. During the three days of the event, I just breathe and eat motorcycle racing. I get an opportunity to see my heroes, such as Jack Miller, Arthur Sissis and Ant West in action and then there are the world-famous riders, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi, who are there to entertain the spectators with their death-defying jumps and curves. Truly an opportunity of a lifetime!


Excitement Galore

While the go-karting arena surrounds turns into a campground, I always stay in the vacation rental that I have been using for last so many years. But I make it a point to spend my entire day at the Circuit to get the maximum out of the event. I use the local shuttle service to get to the venue and back and the party atmosphere at the Circuit never ceases to amaze me.


For the last few years, I have been buying the Grandstand tickets, as this is one place in the entire Circuit that get me close to all the thrills and spills. I wish I could afford the VIP hospitality area for the custom-made food and beverage packages! If you cannot afford the Grandstand, don’t get dejected. You can opt for general admission tickets and enjoy great vantage points to check out all the live action. In fact, this was my staple for quite a few years and would have no qualms recommending it to anyone who wants to enjoy the true spirit of the Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix.


By Brett Watson


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