Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Phillip Island Penguin Parade


Philip Island is just 90 minutes drive from Melbourne and is a great place for nature lovers. If you love penguins then you should get a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience of watching the penguin parade. Every evening many visitors come here to watch the little penguins waddle to their burrows in the sand dunes of Summerland Beach, Phillip Island.


The Penguin Parade

The parade of the little penguins takes place ever day at dusk, just after sunset. Thousands of visitors from all over the world arrive to witness this magical moment. The penguins start walking towards the Summerland Beach to their burrows. More than 4,000 Penguins that live on the beach walk everyday after a tiring day’s fishing. These penguins are native to Australia and smallest penguin species in the world. They swim up to 100 kms into the ocean before returning to their burrows at dusk.


One of the best ways to visit the Penguin Parade is an organised Penguin Parade Day Tour from Melbourne. These are a lot of fun and often provide more than you would normally get if you travelled down on your own. We have teamed up with Greyline to provide a range of different tours with extraordinary service. Check them out here;

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Things you can do at the Penguin Parade

  • Visit the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre and learn about Philip Island and its little inhabitants. It is open from 10 am throughout the year. However, the little penguins come only after sunset – the visitor centre has some interesting interactive displays.
  • Nobbies Centre is worth visiting for its souvenir shop and a small café for snacks. This is where a huge colony of seal live and frolic – well worth a visit.
  • Boardwalks are everywhere connecting the penguin colonies to the beach. Visitors can spend time looking at burrows that the penguins use to rest in during the day. Visitors will be able to see babies and the adult penguins left behind to protect their precious little ones.
  • During the day, visitors can explore the coastline of the island and also look for other marine animals such the Australian fur seals and you even may get lucky and see a number of migrating whales.
  • Swan Lake is another important tourist point for bird watching. It is located right at the entrance of the Penguin Parade.




When coming to watch the Penguin Parade, carry warm clothing, as it gets cold out after the sun sets. During the day you can wear regular beach wear. Their is a viewing area where you can sit on a concrete step and watch the penguins at dusk, this does get a little chilly and it really is advisable to rug up.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices vary, depending on the option selected. For a self guided tour, the ticket is $23.80 per adult. For a closer view of the penguins, the ticket cost is $46 per adult. Visitors also can buy a combined ticket to club the Penguin Parade with the Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Heritage farm.


Other Activities in the Vicinity of Penguin Parade

There are many more things that you can do on Philip Island. The wildlife is amazing and if you are a surfer (Phillip Island is famous for its surf) bring your surfboards to ride the waves at Flynn Beach, Cat Bay or Summerland Bay. Adventure sports lovers can further indulge in go-karting at the Philip Island Grand Prix circuit.


There are several specialty boutiques shop on Philip Island, mainly situated in Cowes. This a wonderful place to meet the locals and also pick up some handcrafted items. Visitors can shop for crafts at the Cowes Market, where you can get all types of things, such as vintage clothing, furniture, beaded jewellery, local foods and beach gear. Art lovers can check out the Cowes Art market and visit an art fair during a weekend.

Wine Tasting

Philip Island is also popular for wine tasting. There are upscale vineyards that sell some of the best Australian wine. You can visit Phillip Island Winery or The Purple Hen Winery or both!

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