Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling

Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling


There is nothing like busting some stress while on a holiday; and Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling gives you this unique opportunity while having fun. This bowling centre has top-class 8 bowling lanes made from timber. In addition there are bumper bowling and ramps for beginners and kids.


What Makes Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling Special?

Not only can visitors coming to Phillip Island enjoy some indoor fun, the Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling centre also is great for hosting business parties and private functions for children and adults.


pi-ten-pin-bowling-CowesThe centre has caters to players with different abilities and has bowls with special handles. The ramps too have special brake that allows release of the bowl into the bowling lane.


There also are regular league competitions at the centres to suit players of all abilities and ages. As these competitions make use of handicap system, even poor bowlers can enjoy themselves during the league competitions.


Eats and Treats

Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling centre has a completely air-conditioned café and licensed bar. This is a wonderful place to relax after bowling with friends and family. The lounge is equipped with a large-screen television and great for watching sporting events, including rugby, soccer and basketball.


The café serves a whole range of snacks and drinks, but the Norgen Vass ice cream in cones or waffles are to die for! In addition, the café serves light meals that can be ordered with a choice of beverages.


Fun in the Lazer Zone

Lazer Zone is a state-of-the-art arena for a real-life laser game. It consists of a dark maze and several hidden zones where players can hide during the game. With flashing lights and built-in sound, it can be fun and thrilling. The Lazer Zone games have slots of 5, 10 and 20 minutes and offer points when a player from the opposing team is tagged with the laser.


The playing environment within the Lazer Zone arena is safe for kids as well as adults. So, parents have no cause for worry.


Groups and Parties

Phillips Island Tenpin Bowling centre offers a unique setting for business, social, children and adult get-togethers. It is a great place to host Christmas parties, teambuilding events, birthday parties and wedding and engagement parties.


The centre caters for groups of 20 or more. But if groups are 50 people or more, they can book the centre for their exclusive use. In addition, groups can customise their menus and enjoy the on-site fully licenced bar. But the best part about hosting parties and events is that there is no cleaning up to do after the event.


Children birthday parties can be made into a fun-filled event at the Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling centre. Not only does the centre offer a range of menus to choose from, it also sends out invitations on behalf of the child. With light balls and bowling shoes, kids can have fun at the bumper bowling and bowling ramps. The table tennis tables at the venue are free if parents host kids’ birthday parties at the centre.


Opening Hours

The Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling centre is located on Settlement Road. Its opening hours are as follows:


Monday to Thursday: 12 noon until late night

Friday and Saturday: 10 am until late night

Sunday: 10 am until 6 pm


During school and public holidays the Phillip Island Tenpin Bowling centre is open from 10 am until late everyday.

91 – 97 Settlement Rd, Cowes,

Phone (03) 5952 3977



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