Pyramid Rock Surfing

Pyramid Rock Surfing


If you are a surfing enthusiast and want to head down to Phillip Island for some sun, sand and surf – Pyramid Rock beach is the place to go. You will get plenty of everything thing here!


Pyramid Rock Beach Attributes

Pyramid Rock is actually named after a basalt formation that lies on the southern shore of Phillip Island, at the end of Pyramid Road, east of The Nobbies. Take the left hand Pyramid Road, off Backbeach Road right till the end car park. After that, you will need to take a short walk towards the left and go down a cliff to get to the beach.

The waves are fairly inconsistent and there is no particular seasonal pattern. However, the wave quality is fairly normal and the beach breaks are pretty good with swells that break left and right. Beware of the sandy bottom which is full of rocks. If you’re not careful, you just may end up with a few cuts and scratches. Try wearing a full body suit to avoid getting into this predicament.

This surfing spot is recommended for experienced surfers. However, it is safe to venture out, if you are at the intermediate level too, as the waves are fun and pretty powerless. Just watch out for the rips, the rocks and the sharks. If you don’t venture too far out into the deep waters, then you will be perfectly safe. So, don’t worry about it!

On a normal day, the waves have a pretty short length, less than 50m, and the best time to go surfing is during the low and mid tide. It has a pretty good swell direction in the south-west and the best winds for surfing come from the northeast.

The closest city from Pyramid Rock is Frankston East, which is situated about 44 km from here, and the nearest passenger airport, is the Melbourne Moorabbin Airport (MBW), which is approximately 62 km away.


Don’t forget:

•    To keep abreast of the local weather conditions before hitting the waves as they can be fairly inconsistent at this spot. Under no circumstances should you attempt to surf if the weather forecasts predict a heavy storm.
•    To carry your own surfing equipment as there may not be a surfing rental store around that stretch of the beach or you may not find equipment in your size.
•    To watch out for sharks, rips and the rocky sea bottom. Pyramid Rock has its share of threats, so it is always best to be highly alert while out on the water, especially those rips.
•    To carry your own food hamper just in case the closest eating joint is miles away from the beach stretch.


Pyramid Rock Preview:

•    Best Swell Direction: Southwest
•    Best Wind Direction: Northeast
•    Best Tide Position: Low and Mid-tide
•    Best Tide Movement: Rising and Falling Tides
•    Reliability: Inconsistent
•    Type of Waves: Beach Break
•    Power of Waves: Fun and Fairly Powerless
•    Direction of waves: Left and Right
•    Normal length of waves: Short, under 50m
•    Bottom: Sandy and Rocky


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  1. tom 2015-02-03 11:21:09
    this place often has nothing, but when it is good it is magical.

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