Right Point Surfing

Right Point Surfing


Surfing is a great hobby and if one can pursue this hobby on a weekend, nothing can rejuvenate a tired mind more! Right Point presents an ideal surfing spot to a surfing aficionado. With a beautiful beach, breathtaking waves and thrill are what await you when you opt for Right Point surfing. The excitement cannot be expressed in words.

Right Point boasts of some fantastic swells and surfers may get extra lucky if the swells are towards South West. Probably, this is the reason why it is called the surfers paradise.

Accessing Right Point is not a big deal. It is situated on Phillip Island and it takes just a day trip from Melbourne to reinvent and renew the mind and soul. Once on Phillip Island, head towards the western end of the Island and just take the steps down the cliff.

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Right Point Surfing Attributes

The greatest attribute of Right Point surfing is that there are corals at the bottom. The waters are blue and crystal clear and that is why flora and fauna lovers have a great deal here to watch out for. It is always better to catch a wave during weekdays, as the beach is vacant and gentle.

Enjoy regional classic waves that are fat, powerful and fun to surf. The wave length is normally short here, around 50m, but on a good day it extends to a massive 150m. The good wind direction is towards East and South West and on a good tide day, swells are directed towards Southwest, making it an amazing surfing spot.

Swell size differs and can start from 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft and goes up to 2.5m+ / 8ft+. Try surfing here at mid or high tide, as the rising tide offers the perfect surfing conditions and experience.

While surfing at Right Point, you can be certain you will get great swells. The swells are big when the winds are blowing in the right direction. Be prepared to share the swells with other surfers during the weekends. If you are looking to enjoy Right Point surfing alone, head there during weekdays when the beach is quiet and serene.

While you can enjoy glimpses of Australian fur seals while surfing, an encounter with a shark can be terrifying. Hence, it is best to keep a close watch around you, specially if you intend paddling going far from the shore.

The best time to surf at Right Point is between March and October.

Don’t Forget:
•    Right Point surfing is meant just for experienced surfers owing to regional classic wave type.
•    Take your surfing gear with you
•    Weekends are heavily crowded. So it would be best to reach the spot early and get going.
•    There are sharp rocks and corals at the bottom, which makes it highly hazardous. There are chances of spotting sharks too.

•    Regional classic waves
•    Reef- rocky waves
•    Powerful, fast and hollow waves
•    Usually short wave length of 50m
•    Good day length is between 50m and 150m
•    Corals, sharp rocks at the bottom
•    Good tide swell direction is South West
•    Good wind direction is East and South West
•    Best tides are between mid and high tide when the water is rising
•    Swell size begins at 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft and goes all the way to more than  2.5m / 8ft
•    Standard paddle out access





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