San Remo, Phillip Island
San Remo Victoria

San Remo, Phillip Island (close enough!)


San Remo: A Paradise Found

The town of San Remo is located at the southern entrance to the Western Port in Victoria. The bridge at the centre of San Remo provides direct access to the very famous holiday spot – Phillip Island. The town is named after San Remo the Italian Riviera resort town. Which is great because it reflects the same relaxed environment as the Italian San Remo. The breathtaking coastal track from San Remo Jetty to Phillip Island, the quaint bakeries and cafes, fabulous restaurants, cosy accommodation and spacious picnic and BBQ spots make San Remo the perfect destination for a holiday weekend or a weeklong vacation.


The Significance of San Remo to Australia

In the mid-1800s, San Remo was established as a deep water port to facilitate the transportation of coal and farm produce to Melbourne. A while later, San Remo developed a thriving fishing industry that is currently the base for the largest shark fishing fleet in Australia. San Remo Jetty, is the main hub for all kinds of boating activities. The Jetty also offers direct access to Western Port and Bass Strait. The town is well serviced with all kinds of attractive facilities like shopping centres, motels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and a caravan park, making it a prime tourist destination in Australia.


San Remo Attractions and Events

You’ll never be bored at San Remo because there’s tons to do and see here. And here’s a couple of exciting things you could check out in town.

– Fishing

Go fishing right at the San Remo jetty or out in the deeper waters. San Remo is a guaranteed spot to get a good catch – flathead, snapper, whiting, salmon, shark and squid. At the end of your fishing expedition you can throw together a little cook out with a campfire or BBQ grill and cook the fish you so proudly snagged. If you come back empty handed, don’t worry, the San Remo seaside restaurants cook up some pretty amazing sea food that will cheer you up right away.

– Nature walks

San Remo has a number of walking trails you can enjoy on your own or with the company of friends and family. You can enjoy a short 15 minute easterly walk from Lions Park to Back Beach then finally Foots. Another great nature walk is the George Bass Costal Walk. It starts from Punchbowl Road (the southern end) and leads 6 km towards Kilcunda. Taking the paths along Bore Beach will ensure a sighting of the historic coal bore. Move forward and you will reach Shelly Beach, Griffith Point and Quarry Rocks, where the 1870 quarry business delivered rocks for the building of banks and business chambers in Melbourne.

– Cycling

The cycling track from San Remo to Cowes is a flat ride, suitable for beginners and kids too, making it perfect for families. It starts from the bridge that leads to Phillip Island. The track ends at the Cowes Jetty, but along the way you will be making stops to check out the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, indulge at a chocolate factory, run through a maze and enjoy the wildlife parks.


Other amazing things to check out when in San Remo are the Goldsmith’s Gallery for exciting jewelry pieces from Australia’s finest group of jewelers. Time your vacation to San Remo to enjoy the San Remo Channel Challenge, a full on alethic event with a swim across the San Remo and Newhaven channel then a foot race back to San Remo across the bridge. If you aren’t the athletic kind there’s live music, entertainment, food stalls, games, and fashion parades you can enjoy.


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