Smiths Beach Surfing

Smiths Beach Surfing


When I come down to Phillip Island, one of my favourite surfing spot is Smiths Beach. It’s the sort of place most people could go for a great surf, as it is safe for experienced surfers as well as beginners. In summer, Smiths Beach attracts quite a crowd from Melbourne. I don’t mind sharing my share of the surf with them, so it doesn’t really worry me. But I do know of surfers who are troubled by the number of surfers.


More about the Waves

When there is a north wind, the waves are offshore and this offers great protect from the west swells. What I like about Smiths Beach surfing is the gentle spilling waves that tend to break left or right. But the downside of this surfing spot is the close outs. They are pretty common. I would also recommend beginners to be careful of the strong rips that form on either end of the sandbar and are usually present during bigger swells.


I prefer to surf here during mid or high tide, as the water near the shore is waist or chest high. I don’t care for low tide surfing because the water gets shallow and you have to paddle quite a way out to enjoy a good swell.


Smiths Beach is not the best beach for surfing during strong winds or active high tide. Surfing conditions can be dangerous then and I don’t recommend it.


Things to Be Careful Of

If you intend practising and honing your surfing skills at Smiths Beach, there are some things you should be careful and mindful of. These include:

– Marine life

– Rip currents

– Rocks


Amenities at Smiths Beach

During summer, Smiths Beach is patrolled. The patrolling is from 26 December until 26 January. The places for swimming and surfing are marked by flags. So, make it a point to swim and surf between the yellow and red flags.


If you are a beginner or you bring kids for surfing, it is best to enjoy the experience when lifeguards are present on the beach. I have years of experience and consider myself a highly skilled surfer, but I do feel at ease knowing lifeguards are around in case of an eventuality.


The beach has all the amenities surfers and swimmer require. These amenities are located behind Smiths Beach and are easy to access. There is even a car park which makes it easy to transport your surfing board. And, just north of the car park, you will find a surf shop. What’s more? At Smith’s beach you can also enrol into surfing lessons – both private and group.


After surfing, I always build up quite an appetite. I head out to the restaurants and cafes at Woolamai or Cowes. However, there is a general store east of the beach where you can pick up snacks and other things you may need.


Smiths Beach – 360 Degree View


Smiths Beach surfing is best for beginners when the swells are moderate or small and the wind direction is northeast to Northwest. Remember, you will be sharing the swells with other surfers. So, maintain surfing etiquette. Above all, I would remind all surfers to practice surf safety.


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