Solar Panels Phillip Island

Solar Panels Phillip Island


We live in an amazing country with many natural resources – including an abundance of sunlight. Because of this we really should consider placing Solar Panels on our roofs to take advantage of all this free, eco-friendly electricity.

Phillip Island is no exception. We have an amazing number of days where, with the right solar power setup, 100% of your energy usage could be supplied free with natural sunlight.

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Why not get a quote and see what the initial cost will be, what sort of rebates you can get and how much you will save each year off your current energy bills. You may be surprised to see how affordable it can actually be. The added bonus is it adds considerable value to your property if ever you decide to sell.

There are many advantages of putting solar panels on your Phillip Island property.

Most of Victoria, including Phillip Island, receives around 3.7 hours of sun per day. So using this as an averaged across the year. 3.7 hours of peak sun means that a 5kW solar system will generate around 18.5kWh per day. To put that in perspective an average 3 person household will use approximately 20kWh per day.

We have provided a banner above from “Your Solar Quotes” for Phillip Island households to click on to arrange an obligation free quote.


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