Summerlands, Phillip Island
Summerlands Victoria

Summerlands, Phillip Island


Summerlands is a subdivision of Phillip Island with huge residential plots. It lies close to the penguin breeding colony on the south-west region of the Island. This area was protected to preserve the penguin habitat. So it was relatively untouched by the European settlers back in the 20th century. The land wasn’t of much value to farmers despite small parts of being used to grow oats, mustard and chicory.

By 1974, 11 per cent of the land in Summerlands was cleared up or built on. But as the development of the subdivision threatened the survival of the penguin colony, in the early 1980s the government decided to buy back the land it had sold for development to preserve the penguins. In 2010, the land buyback was completed and the reclaimed property was added to the Phillip Island Nature Park.


Things to do in Summerlands


1. Penguin Parade

Do you have seeing cute penguins on your wish list? Then coming to Summerlands is where you need to head to. The iconic Penguin Parade here is a great experience for the entire family as well. The kids can see and learn new things like what penguins, they do and how they live. Waddle along with them or watch in silence as the little penguins return home at sunset after a long day of foraging for food in the sea.

2. Wildlife Tours

Wildlife tours can be scheduled for the entire family or you could go on your own too. The tour of Summerland involves awe-inspiring views of majestic cliffs and the thunderous waves that crash and disappear into the face of these cliffs. But that’s just one part of the tour. The Penguin Parade, Swan Lake, Seal Rocks and the beautiful beaches are all a part of the wildlife tour.

3. Two Day Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island Tour

This is a two day tour of the great attractions throughout Phillip Island. On the second day you will travel to Summerlands to see its natural treasures. You can watch the birds, animals, greenery, beaches and the Grand Prix tracks on your way there.

4. Surfing

Thrill seekers love the surf at Summerlands’ fantastic beach. The area is not as populated as the other beaches, so you can enjoy the surf without worrying about crowds. The normal wave length can go up to 50 meters and 150 meters. And on a good day they can increase from 150 meters to 300 meters.

5. The Nobbies Centre

The Nobbies Centre is another great spot to get a good look at the amazing Phillip Island features. You can take in the gigantic wakes crashing into the cliffs and over the rocks, little penguins peeking out of their burrows and waddling across the shore and the seagulls swarming over the sea as they hunt for food. The boardwalk is extraordinary. It allows you to become one with our surroundings and enjoy the wonder and simplicity of nature.

A trip to Summerlands is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime. And, you are bound to keep talking about all the wonderful things you saw and did there for a very long time.

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