Summerland’s Surfing

Summerland’s Surfing


There are days when I leave the kids behind and hit the beach to enjoy barrelling breaks. Where do you think I head? Obviously, the Summerland Beach. I am always euphoric when I come to this beach. No, it is not because of the Penguin Parade. Rather, it is being in a surfing spot that was the birthplace of surfing in the 1920s on Phillip Island. I feel honoured to be in the same place showing my surfing prowess as Dennis Harris and Ian Merry who introduced stand-up surfing at Summerland Beach.


Why Summerland Beach?

There is something special about Summerland Beach that I find to explain. It is a place to meet and mingle with other aficionados. Between sets we talk and get to know each other and then a wave comes and everyone is ready for action. It is as though time comes to a standstill. The anticipation and excitement is palpable in the air.


Thrilling Summerland’s Surfing

Even today, there are many surfing schools that use Summerland Beach to teach surfing students. It also is quite popular with surfing enthusiasts, who are looking for consistent wave conditions. Summerland Beach has a flat sandy bottom and this ensures the sheltered bay has consistent surfing conditions most times. It is a place where I can practice my manoeuvres without an issue.


With left and right breaks, Summerland is perfect for all skill levels. There is a centre reef break east of the Penguin Parade viewing area and you would need two-metre or more swells with a north to westerly winds. This is my favourite place to surf when wintery conditions blow out waves in other beaches.

Summerlands has two main surf breaks – Penguins and Centre Crack. Surprisingly enough whilst they are very close and part of the same beach they work on different weather conditions. Check out our Surf Engine App for which break is working best.


Summerland’s Point

Located just in front of the Penguin Parade viewing area, this is where you will find the reef break. Make sure you bring along a long board or mal for surfing here. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.


Accessing Summerland Beach

This beach is not crowded even at the weekends. So, it is my favourite place to surf if I want to get away from the surfing crowd thronging to Phillip Island from Melbourne. There are timings to access the beach because of the Little Penguins. It is open from 9 am to 4 pm.


You can access, the surfing area from the Penguin Parade boardwalk, but be careful of the closing timing. I remember getting stuck and had to take a dirt road to get out of the beach.


Summerland’s surfing is not for the faint hearted. It requires skill and agility. So I would say this surfing area is perfect for experienced and highly experienced surfers. As it is located close to The Nobbies (the home of the largest colony of Australian fur seals), keep an eye out for sharks. You could encounter one, though I have never in all these years. Besides the sharks, be careful of the rocks. The water is a bit shallow, so you have to be careful that the rocks don’t injure you. And, it goes without saying that you have to really careful of cute Little Penguins that call Summerland Beach their home. I have encountered a few during my surfing expeditions always manoeuvre away from them.


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