The Nobbies

The Nobbies


Located on the western part of Phillip Island, is popular with visitors who come to spend their holidays on the Island. It offers a spellbinding view of the Bass Strait and boasts of fabulous wildlife that is hard to come by anywhere else in Victoria.

The Nobbies is home to the erstwhile Seal Rock Centre. This Centre is now called The Nobbies Centre. Located on top of the cliff, the Centre not only mesmerises with the view of the water, it also is the perfect place to catch Australian fur seals at play. Just a kilometre and half from The Nobbies is an outcrop of rocks that is called Seal Rocks. These rocks are home to Australian fur seal colony, the largest colony in the country.


Where Are The The Nobbies?

Located on Ventnor Road, The Nobbies is just 5 minutes away from the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. It is specifically located at Point Grant. The Island is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and The Nobbies is another 20 minutes, since visitors have to get across the Island. If visitors come by car, they can make use of the free car parking available on-site.

The Nobbies is managed by the Phillip Island Nature Parks and is a wonderful place to spend time. Besides taking leisurely walks along broadwalks, the Visitors Centre is a treasure trove of activities.


The Visitors Centre at The Nobbies

The_Nobbies_Centre,_Phillip_IslandThe Nobbies Visitors Centre is perfect for families. The 3-storey structure is home to some interesting and awe-inspiring interactive displays at the Centre which impart information about seals, whales, sharks, fish and other marine life that live along the Westernport Bay.

The Visitors Centre also has a gift shop, where it can be fun to shop for gifts and souvenirs for family and friends. There also is a café, where having a delicious lunch made from fresh local produce can be a treat for the taste buds. There also are accessible toilets.

However, the most sought-after activity in the Visitors Centre is checking out the seals that live on Seal Rocks. For a reasonable cost, visitors can make use of the seal cameras that are placed strategically to get up close to the seals. Through these seal cams, visitors can get a clear view of the seals.

Even the panoramic windows of the Visitors Centre can be a treat for the eyes. Watching the wild waters of the Bass Strait, seeing marine birds swoop down and catch fish or spy Little Penguins. There are wooden boxes placed near the boardwalks for these small penguins to rest and live in.


Things to do at The Nobbies

The Seal Rock Centre offers a plethora of activities for adults and kids. Some of the things visitors can enjoy include:

  • Strolling along the boardwalk and enjoying the amazing view of the rugged coastline of Phillip Island
  • Walking to the Blow Hole, which is a sea cave that produces thunderous sounds with large southern swells
  • In Spring, the gardens are a burst of colours with its array of flowering plants
  • During Spring and early Summer, visitors can see Silver Gulls and their chicks. Silver Gulls come to The Nobbies to nest
  • Just for Pups is a playroom designed for kids


Opening Hours

The Nobbies opens every day at 11 am and closes an hour before sunset. This early closure is to protect the native wildlife in the area that return to their nest and burrows at sunset.


There is no fee to access the Seal Rock Centre or The Nobbies Centre.

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    Hi Belinda, unfortunately no. It is a very controlled environment and dogs are not allowed.
  2. Belinda carter 2016-12-29 09:20:12
    Can you bring a dog to the nobbles?

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