Things to do at Cowes

Things to do at Cowes


When I decided to head to Cowes on Phillip Island, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew people came in droves during the holiday season to soak up the sun and enjoy the water, but Cowes also is the commercial hub of the Island. So, would it have enough to keep be occupied during my sojourn?



What I really liked about Cowes was the seaside eateries. I could sit there for hours at a stretch and just watch the water lapping the sandy beaches; and when I wanted to stretch my legs, I just walked to pick up souvenirs and beautifully crafted artwork in the vicinity. After my shopping expedition, I washed off the sweat with a rejuvenating swim in the azure waters.

I treated my sore and aching muscles to some fantastic aromatherapy at the day spas dotting the town. I did this after a round of golf and a session of ten-pin bowling. Trust me when I say the spas are one of the best Cowes attractions if you are looking for total body and mind relaxation.


The Call-of-History

I am an ardent history buff and nothing can keep me away from finding out more about a town’s history. So, at Cowes it was no different. I stopped over at the Phillip Island Historical Society Museum to find out more about the early life and history of the Island. I was impressed by the aboriginal culture on display. It was truly an eye-opener, as was the life of the early settlers. Even the exhibits on maritime history and geology of the region were impressive and kept me occupied for a couple of hours.



While it was possible to take be part of a cruise that took visitors around the bay, I decided to hire my own boat from the Cowes Launch and try my hand at angling. I intended to host my own barbecue at the beach, but forgot all about it when seals of Seal Rocks captivated and mesmerised me.

The following day, I took a ferry from the Cowes Pier and headed out to Stony Point, which is located on the Mornington Peninsula. I am told I could have gone on to French Island too.

With so many Cowes attractions, I didn’t realise my holiday had come to an end and it was time to head back home to the same old routine!


By Brett Watson


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