Why you must visit Phillip Island if you travel to Melbourne

Why you must visit Phillip Island if you travel to Melbourne


If you visit Melbourne, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to drive down to Phillip Island. It is merely a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and offers an idyllic paradise where you can commune with nature and de-stress, something a city holiday cannot offer.


Phillip Island has some unique treats that you will not find in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.


Watch the Iconic Penguin Parade

Phillip Island has the largest Little Penguin colony in the world and you can watch these furry birds returning from a day at sea at Summerland Beach. It can be thrilling and exciting to be up and close to these tiny birds as the march past you, heading to their burrows. You can get a front seat to this spectacle or you can walk on elevated boardwalks to see the baby penguins in their burrows.


Koala Conservation Park

Kids will love the Koala Conservation Park, where koala laze in their natural habitat. Of course, you can get close to them, pet them and even feed them. It is important for kids and adults to learn more about these gentle marsupials, so that they learn to appreciate the natural heritage of Australia.


Cowes Beach

There is no doubt that Australia has a vast coastline, but the beaches on Phillip Island are unique. The family-friendly Cowes Beach is a great beach to swim in the gentle waves or just work on your tan. And, if you are lucky, you will be able to see migrating whales. With picnic areas, barbecue area, toilets and lifeguards in the busy summer months, Cowes Beach is perfect for a memorable beach holiday.


The Nobbies Centre

If you are looking for a place that offers eco-tourism opportunities, there is no better place than The Nobbies Centre. Here, you will be able to see the largest fur seal colony in Australia frolicking in the water or basking on rocks in the middle of the sea. The Nobbies Centre is also home to some amazing rock formations. And, there is a walkway that allows you to get close to the water to take in the stunning and panoramic views.


Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Have you ever wondered how people in the bygone days used to live and work? Well, you can experience this at the Churchill Island Heritage Farm. The island is connected to Phillip Island by a bridge. You can drive down to this working farm where you can shear sheep and milk cows. And, when you are tired, you can recharge your battery at the cosy café. The amazing view of Bass and Western Port will keep you mesmerised for hours.


Nature Walks

If you don’t mind wandering off on your own, you can head out to the marshes. Here, you will be able to spy wild wallabies and kangaroos grazing in the field or indigenous birds chirping and flying in the sky. The marshes are thriving with wildlife, so do carry your binoculars with you.


Phillip Island, is a thriving island community that has retained its heritage even though it has opened itself to modern development and amenities. Here, you can see nature at its best and day trip from Melbourne will allow you to enjoy some of the treasures that the Island has to offer.



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