Why are Cowes Beaches so good?

Why are Cowes beaches so good?


I knew when I booked my holiday for Phillip Island I would be making Cowes my base. After all, that is the town where visitors and the majority of islanders stay. Cowes is situated bang on the centre of the northern shore of Phillip Island and it is this location that makes Cowes beaches so popular.


The Strategic Location

The town is located east enough to ensure its gorgeous jetties are far from the ocean swells and it also is west enough to be far from the tidal flats close to Observation Point. It is this strategic location that makes Cowes beaches safe, friendly and inviting.


The Beaches

Cowes boasts of two well-maintained beaches that are located close to the centre of the town. Both beaches are at the northern shore of Cowes and looking amazing due to the fabulous background. The beaches stand at the base of towering bluffs.

Both beaches at Cowes are short and do not get high wind waves, since they face north. This makes Cowes beach safe for swimming. Of course, the magnificent foreshore reserve, which is a popular picnic spot, adds to the beauty of the beaches.


Mussel Rocks Beach:

I found this beach very soothing and relaxing. It is located between the ferry jetty and Mussel Rock, hence the name.


Cowes Beach:

This is the main beach of the town lies east of the jetty. It forms the eastern boundary of the jetty along with Erehwon Point.

Both beaches are narrow during high tide, but when low tide comes, the tidal flats and rocks get exposed. The rocks make great vantage points for fishing along with the adjacent jetty. I did try my hand at angling, but confess I wasn’t too good at it!


The Reason for the Popularity

I was amazed to see the beaches were shallow, even during high tide, making them extremely popular with families and swimmers. Also, the facilities are fabulous. The beaches have lifesavers all the way from Boxing Day until Australia Day, the peak holiday season.

As the Cowes beaches are located quite close to the shore, they are relatively safe for swimming; and the gentle swells make it unpopular with surfers. So, swimmers have the entire beach to themselves and I loved this the most. I did not have to worry about avoiding surfers while enjoying the lovely and soothing waters. It was a novel experience for me, one that I made good use of!





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