Winter on The Island

Winter on The Island


Each year we visited we would book our Phillip Island accommodation for summer, we enjoyed revelling in the sand, surf and the sun. However one year when work pressure was low and we could afford some time off I planned a winter escape to The Island and was pleasantly surprised with what it had to offer.

I thought I would be spending my winter holiday on the Island huddled up in front of a warm, cosy fire sharing stories with my kids. To my amazement, the Island had a lot to offer.


Winter Fun on Phillip Island


Whale Sighting Cruise:

June is the month when the annual whale migration begins. So we picked up our binoculars and booked a cruise to try and spot the majestic Humpback and Southern Right whales. We were in for a treat! The kids were excited about seeing their first whale and I couldn’t help myself – I was jumping up and down the deck like my kids! The whale migration occurs along the coastline of Victoria and Phillip Island is one of the best places to view this mesmerising event.



There were days when storms prevented us from spending much time outdoors. But that didn’t stop us from having a great time. We used to stand on the patio of our rental house and watch the storm blow across Bass Strait. Watching the sheer power of nature can leave you feeling humbled.



Once the storm blew over, the kids were raring to go to the beach and add to their already growing shell collection. It can be peaceful and soothing to take long walks on the deserted beach with the kids and the dog to go shell hunting.



On a cold winter’s day, we took a seal watching cruise. We headed to the Seal Rock and Black Rock islands to watch Australian fur seal pups frolicking in the icy water. These pups are the ones that are born late the previous year and by the time winter comes, they have mastered swimming by practicing in the natural rock pools on the islands. They swim around the islands in an erratic manner, but can be fun to watch. .


While most people presume Phillip Island is a summer holiday destination, I can assure you it also is a fun island during the winter months. So book your accommodation today and have a fun and exciting winter on this lovely and charming island.


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  1. brett 2014-07-15 23:50:49
    Hi Jennie, we are in the process of building up our stock of Holiday Houses for people to stay in - over the next couple of months we should be adding more and more. Until then I would recommend having a search through our Hotels Combined search engine on our Accommodation Page - there are a number of options there that are very, very good. All the best, Brett
  2. Jennie wood 2014-07-15 09:13:38
    I am always staying at Phillip island usually stay at the same resorts or motels. I would like to know of other accomadation that you offer to stay at the island. I look forward in hearing from you in regards to information . Jennie wood

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