Woolamai, Phillip Island

Woolamai, Phillip Island


On the southeastern tip of Phillip Island, is Cape Woolamai. The mesmerising little town is at the highest point of the island. It is popular among surfers looking for wicked waves and has been declared as a National Surfing reserve. The sights, the surf and the activities at Woolamai will relax you and keep you thoroughly entertained.


Woolamai Food

– Dutchies

Dutchies is the place to be if you want to enjoy fine dining! They have everything from seafood to steaks. The food here is always fresh, delicious and cooked on stone grills. For a taste of awesome at Woolamai, make sure you head on over here

– Magic Lands Café and Bar

After a pleasant day out on the beach or walking through the island trails, Magic Lands Café and Bar is a fun place to head to. You can enjoy the delights of international cuisine and local specialities in the café then share a drink with friends at the bar.


Woolamai Activities

-Pioneer Kayaking

Pioneer kayaking is a guided tour of the waterways and coastline of the great Phillip Island. You will be exploring the island on a kayak, but don’t worry, there is no need for any prior kayaking experience to sign up for this tour.

– Surfing

If you’re up for something exhilarating and fun, get your surf on at Woolamai Beach. If you don’t know how, sign up for a few classes and learn to ride fierce waves.

– Walking Trails

The walking trails in Woolamai will lead you from the coastline to highest features of the island. From up there you can admire nature at its best and surfers performing death-defying stunts. Old Granite Quarry Walk, Pinnacles Walk and Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk are some of the cool walking tours you could try here.

– Cape Woolamai Beach

The beach is a fun place to be. Even if you don’t surf. It is accessible through public transport so you can get there very easily. Enjoy the bright sun, the soft sand and magnificent surf!

– Birdwatching

The short-tailed birds known as shearwater or Mutton Bird come back home at dusk to roost after a long day at sea fishing for food. Woolamai is home to these adorable little birds from September to mid-April. You can spend the day at the beach watching the birds glide over water and dart straight into the sea to catch their fishy prey. But at the end of April the Mutton birds flies off to Alaska to nest and breed. Woolamai also supports other wildlife creatures like the Pacific Gulls and Little Penguins.

– Shopping

The commercial side of Woolamai begins at Vista Place and runs all the way till Woolamai Beach Road. Here you will find a supermarket and little stores where you can indulge in a little retail therapy and even pick up some interesting little souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family back home.


Woolamai is filled with natural beauty like its centuries old basalt rock cliffs with a magnetic appeal. But there are a few other hidden treasures here waiting to be discovered!





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