YCW Surfing

YCW Surfing


It is great! It is maddening! It is the place every surfer wants to head to in order to experience the fanatical waves! Be it the quietness of this place or tranquil surroundings, everything here is exceptional. Yet something that would make you fall in love at the first sight alone with YCW is its waves.


YCW is a splendid place to surf owing to its consistent waves. The offshore winds blowing from the north will make every surfer’s dream come true! The swell direction too is ideal and that makes it perfect for surfing, regardless of how low or high the tide is. Though the rocks are something to keep an eye out for. Still, YCW remains an excellent surfing destination because you can have the waves and beach to yourself.


Situated on Phillip Island, it is merely a day trip and perfect location for those who want to run away from the crowded hectic life of the city. It is a 5-minute drive from back beach road. “Smiths” is the popular landmark. Just to its right, one can find the YCW surfing beach.


YCW Surfing Attributes

Enjoy surfing the regional classic waves that are point break type. They ride the sea from both right and left, making it a thrilling surfing experience. The waves are dominant and the length varies from 50m to 150m.


Since it rarely sees crowds, YCW is ideal to steal some time for yourself and yet pursue your passion for surfing. But do keep in mind there are big swells that only an experienced surfer can conquer!


On a good day, the waves get very long. They measure between 300m and 500m. The bottom is sandy. The good swell direction is towards North West and North East and the swell size varies between <1m/3ft and 2.5m+/8ft+.


With the winds blowing towards north, surfing is a delight here. YCW is an ideal surfing break with friends. If one gets too tired of surfing, swimming is another good and enjoyable activity to indulge in.

Don’t Forget:

    • •    To pack all your equipment, especially your precious body board. It is a dream come true place for Bodyboard surfers.
    • •    Carry your eatable along unless you want to go all the way back to the town to enjoy a snack or meal.
    • •    It is best surfing extravaganza reserved for experienced surfers, as the area has reef breaks to the right and left sides of the beach.
    • •    Special attention should be paid to children who are learning surfing. It is just not the place for them.
    • •    YCW has classic waves and few tubular sections. On a good day, it gets wild. A must-try for surfing enthusiast and devotees!
    • •    Do check the weather forecast before heading to YCW, as bad weather can ruin your fun.



YCW Preview:

    • •    Regional classic wave, point-break type
    • •    Both from right and left
    • •    Powerful but fun
    • •    Normal length of 50m -150m
    • •    On a good day between 300m and 500m
    • •    Sandy bottom
    • •    The good swell direction is towards North West and North East
    • •    Swell size between <1m/3ft and 2.5m+/8ft+





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